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sanitary pads for north enfield food bank 1

A colourful array of hand-crafted pads. Organiser Anne Nicholls says "A huge thanks to the women in Enfield who have cut, stitched and sewn these pads"

When the Covid-19 lockdown began, among the items that quickly disappeared off the supermarket shelves - toilet rolls, pasta, flour etc - were sanitary pads. These are among the essentials that North Enfield Food Bank distributes to its users. At the council's request, Palmers Green resident Anne Nicholls came to the rescue. After putting out a call for help on Facebook, Anne was able to assemble a team of women from around the borough to help produce handmade reusable pads. So far they've provided the food bank with 114 packs consisting of five pads and a drawstring washbag.

The pads the food bank users receive will not only save them money (these pads should last for years), but they are kind to skin as they contain no chemicals. What's more, they're much more environmentally friendly - they replace single-use products which can contain the equivalent of four plastic bags and take 500 years or more to decompose!

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