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bambos charalambous at front doorPoliticians don't always like being photographed at their front door - usually because they're accused of something scandalous, such as...but we won't go into that... But here's one politician who's more than happy and is looking very relaxed to boot. Enfield Southgate MP Bambos Charalambous is seen here posing outside his home for local photographer Jenny Smith, who's raising money for a domestic violence charity, Refuge, by taking (socially distanced) photos of people standing at their front door, in return for a donation.

Jenny's JustGiving page says she lives in Muswell Hill, but Bambos says she's one of his constituents, so I suspect somewhere in Bowes Ward (why would anyone say they lived in Muswell Hill when they live in Palmers Green? Just being modest, I guess.). Anyway, Jenny is offering to take your picture if you live within range of her daily exercise. (I certainly wouldn't want to carry a camera that size all the way from Muswell Hill and back on foot!)

Front Door Photo - fundraising for Refuge

front door photoI would love to raise money for domestic violence charity, Refuge, by taking a socially distanced portrait of you, your family or household standing at your front door, in return for a donation. This is currently for local people who I can visit during my daily exercise (Muswell Hill).

I've been a portrait photographer for 12 years now and absolutely love my job, but with lockdown in place, my camera hasn't seen much action. I often ask my clients to pose at their front doors anyway as they can make wonderful portraits, but the best thing about a front door photo in this climate is that it can be taken from 2 metres away or more. A front door photo, will also act as a reminder of these unprecedented times we're all living in right now.

Since the UK went into lockdown, Refuge reported a 700% increase in traffic to its website in a single day. One woman in four will experience domestic violence at some point in her lifetime and two women are killed each week in England and Wales by a current or former partner. The Covid-19 outbreak is making this situation even more desperate. A friend of mine took her own life a few years ago following years of domestic abuse and I want to do something to help women like her who now, more than ever, can't see a way out.

It's simple: you donate to Refuge and as a thank you, I'll book you in for a Front Door Photo. Please remember that you must live locally, you can always email me to check your location before donating. I will then email one fully edited high resolution digital portrait to you afterwards.

You can of course donate anyway, even if you don't want a portrait as every single penny raised will directly help thousands of women and children escaping domestic violence.

Please email me at if you have donated and would like to book me in.

Thank you so much.

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