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Citizens Advice Enfield's two rather smart charity shops in Palmers Green are back - both in Green Lanes, one on the corner of Park Avenue, the other just south of the North Circ. However, for CAB Enfield's volunteer advisors the lockdown has not meant a break in their work - if anything, the reverse. In the first month they helped 675 clients, moving from face-to-face to assistance over the phone. Nationally, Citizens Advice has helped 380,000 clients with their problems over the past three months.

As well as raising money needed to run the advice service, the reopened Citizens Advice shops will also be playing their part in helping people affected by the coronavirus:

We are very aware that with many people still not working and the furlough scheme being phased out, many of our Enfield residents who are already on a low income may not be able to afford new clothes. Our shops are here to help, as we sell excellent quality pre-owned clothing and other goods.
         Nnenna Anwanyu, chief executive of Citizens Advice Enfield

citizens advice enfield logoRead more about Citizens Advice Enfield in Enfield Dispatch

July's Enfield Dispatch has a feature on the shops and the procedures in use to protect against the virus, as well as the work of the advisors during the pandemic.


Citizens Advice Enfield

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