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At a time when the Covid-19 pandemic has seriously affected its fundraising, the North London Hospice needs to buy expensive syringe drivers so that patients can manage pain.

Syringe Driver Appeal

syringe driver north london hospiceAs you may know, the Covid-19 outbreak has had a dramatic impact on the hospice. Despite the recent lifting of lockdown restrictions, our retail shops have been closed and our major fundraising events cancelled, the current crisis is having a huge impact on our ability to raise funds and continue to provide our vital services.

Covid-19 has made funding more difficult than ever, which is why I am asking you to consider whether you can help us purchase some much needed syringe drivers for our patients.

Syringe drivers help to manage pain by administering painkillers for a period of time, such as 24 hours. They are imperative in situations where a patient cannot take painkillers orally due to other symptoms of pain, such as nausea. Our current pumps were purchased in 2012 and the manufacturer has advised us that they have exceeded the recommended life of a unit and should be replaced.  Despite regularly servicing the units, we have found they are failing and are requiring frequent repair. We have no other option to look for newer, more advanced syringe drivers in order to help our patients.

The T34 pumps syringe drivers would help us to improve patients’ ability to manage their pain. These are small and lightweight and offer patients flexibility and reliability. They can be easily transferred from the hospice and to homes, so both our IPU patients and community patients will benefit from them- that amounts to roughly 400 people per syringe.

Each syringe driver costs £965 and we have had 6 funded so far of the 30 we require.  If you were able to help in any way, it would make such a difference to our patients.

Donate here. Thank you!

Yours sincerely,

Pam McClinton
Chief Executive

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