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Subject tag: Pinkham Way

Sign a petition to protect a local nature conservation site

Sign a petition to protect a local nature conservation site from industrial development

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31 October 2018

Call to action to protect a local nature conservation site

As part of their long-running fight to protect a nature conservation site from industrial development, the Pinkham Way Alliance have this week called for all supporters to fill the public gallery at a meeting on Thursday evening.

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17 October 2018

Pinkham Way campaigners celebrate a major step forward

Pinkham Way will be removed from Haringey's 'Site Allocations' - the Council admitted at the hearing that it wasn't needed for its employment strategy. So, potential developers will no longer be able to argue that a development's benefit (i.e. its contribution to the borough's employment needs) outweighs the harm to nature conservation. This is a very big win indeed for residents.

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21 May 2017

How you can help the Pinkham Way campaigners

07 January 2017

Pinkham Way campaign: Good news and bad...

04 December 2016

Pinkham Way Alliance supporters fill the public gallery

02 September 2016

Pinkham Way: Waste plant threat returns

24 August 2016

Campaigners submit detailed evidence to prevent development of Pinkham Way open land

27 March 2016

Pinkham Way campaigners asking for signatures

17 February 2016

Pinkham Way campaigners accuse council of burying inconvenient evidence

11 November 2015

Pinkham Way Alliance publishes its input to waste plan consultation

11 October 2015

Pinkham Way campaigners issue urgent appeal to respond to consultation

24 September 2015

Pinkham Way campaigners help monitor North Circ pollution levels

29 July 2015

Pinkham Way campaigners report back on Haringey Council meeting

21 July 2015

Pinkham Way Alliance call for maximum turnout at Haringey Council meeting

11 July 2015

A new threat to Pinkham Wood, as the Edmonton incinerator consultation nears its end

25 June 2015

Pinkham Way campaigners continue to defend woodland and raise serious questions about planned new Edmonton incinerator

04 April 2015

Pinkham Way campaigners seeking public support

11 March 2015

Pinkham Way campaigners warn supporters to stay alert

01 July 2014

Campaigners appeal for funds to help defend Pinkham Wood

28 November 2013