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Subject tag: Pedestrians

Reinvigorating the high street - don't neglect the Pedestrian Pound

The organisation Living Streets, which campaigns on behalf of pedestrians, has commissioned an updated edition of [i]The Pedestrian Pound[/i], a study into the relationship between the pedestrian-friendliness and attractiveness of high streets and the economic success of their businesses.

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14 December 2018

Making central London pleasanter and safer for pedestrians

Three central London boroughs are currently consulting on changes to their road networks that are designed to shift the favour somewhat away from car drivers and towards the interests of pedestrians and cyclists.

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05 December 2018

Want to walk to school but have concerns?

There are many reasons to regret the fact that so many children these days are driven to school instead of walking or making their own way by public transport. Among the problems are lack of sufficient exercise, congestion and road danger caused by build-ups of cars near school gates, and exposure to toxic fumes, which recent research has found is actually more of a problem inside a car than outside.

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11 September 2018

London Walking Action Plan published

London’s first ever walking and cycling commissioner, Will Norman, has unveiled the capital’s first Walking Action Plan. It sets out how London will become a city where walking, for those that can, is the most obvious, enjoyable and attractive means of travel for all short trips.

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22 July 2018

Navigating the Hostile Streets of Outer London

Hostile Streets - Walking and Cycling at Outer London Junctions was published by the Greater London Authority's Transport Committee at the end of November. Last month I went along to a meeting of Islington Living Streets to see a presentation about the report given by Caroline Russell AM

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02 January 2018

The enormous costs - personal and financial - of fast traffic in towns

17 December 2017

How do we make outer London's roads less hostile to people on foot and on bikes?

A new report by the London Assembly's Transport Committee presents the conclusions of a study into the problems faced by people on foot and on bikes when they are faced with travelling along or crossing main roads in outer London, particularly at major intersections.

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05 December 2017

Understanding and managing congestion on London roads

A newly published study into congestion on London's roads concludes that a long-term strategic solution requires a shift to active, sustainable and space-efficient modes. Road space should be reallocated to walking, cycling and public transport.

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03 December 2017

How do we make our streets healthy?

Last week saw the first Healthy Streets conference, held appropriately enough in Walthamstow, the location of pioneering Mini Holland and Villageisation schemes. More than 300 attendees were there to explore the connections between public health and transport strategies. Topics covered included health-led street design, re-allocation of road space, behaviour change and measures to improve air quality.

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05 October 2017

Proposed changes to North Circular Road junction with Palmerston Road

Transport for London (TfL) is consulting on a proposal to make changes to the pedestrian/cycle crossing of the North Circular Road between Palmerston Crescent (north of the NCR) and Palmerston Road (south of the NCR). The intention is to make it easier and pleasanter for both pedestrians and cyclists to cross.

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16 August 2017

Have your say on the Mayor of London's transport strategy

Londoners have until 2 October to give their views on the draft Transport Strategy which was published by the Mayor of London in June.

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26 July 2017

Ideas sought to help realise Government's vision "for cycling and walking to become the natural choice for shorter journeys"

The Department for Transport (DfT) has today announced a competition seeking proposals that would encourage more people to make journeys by bicycle and/or on foot.

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19 April 2017

Creating Walking Cities: A blueprint for change

Living Streets, the "UK Charity for Everyday Walking", has published its Blueprint for Change, designed to help create Walking Cities.

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14 April 2017

Healthy Streets for London

Healthy Streets for London, published last month by Transport for London, is an important document which outlines in broad terms the strategy that will be adopted by the Mayor of London and his Walking and Cycling Commissioner in order to increase active travel by people living and working in London.

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05 March 2017

Parents petition for road safety measures near Oakthorpe Primary School

28 January 2017

Play Quarters - Palmers Green leads the way

18 October 2016

Decluttering our streets to make them safer and pleasanter

03 December 2014

Could "shared space" be the solution for cyclists, pedestrians, motorists and shopkeepers?

23 June 2014

New report highlights increasing vulnerability of pedestrians in London

02 April 2014

Fox Lane mini-roundabout - only one of several hazards for pedestrians in Palmers Green

22 January 2014