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Beware the Long Handlebars of the Law! 17 October 2018
Clare Rogers talks about the Better Streets for Enfield campaign 28 July 2018
Joining forces to challenge local politicians to create My Liveable London 10 April 2018
Urbo Bikes arrive in Palmers Green 20 February 2018
Celebrate the completion of the A105 bike lanes on 11th March! 14 February 2018
Cycling to work: major new study suggests health benefits are staggering 20 January 2018
A message from Winchmore Hill Police 14 January 2018
Navigating the Hostile Streets of Outer London 02 January 2018
Former Commissioner quizzed on progress of cycling infrastructure construction 21 December 2017
How do we make outer London's roads less hostile to people on foot and on bikes? 05 December 2017
Understanding and managing congestion on London roads 03 December 2017
Mayor sets out proposals for a shift towards active travel 28 November 2017
How do we make our streets healthy? 05 October 2017
What's on at the PG Festival? Try-a-Bike 20 August 2017
Proposed changes to North Circular Road junction with Palmerston Road 16 August 2017
Have your say on the Mayor of London's transport strategy 26 July 2017
Police advice to drivers on how to overtake bicycles 19 July 2017
Ideas sought to help realise Government's vision "for cycling and walking to become the natural choice for shorter journeys" 19 April 2017
Healthy Streets for London 05 March 2017
New report identifies fivefold economic benefits of investing in active travel 19 November 2016
Cycle Enfield - part of a national strategy to improve our wellbeing 27 August 2016
“We’re not anti-car. We just want better streets” 17 May 2016
The Enfield Cycling Conference 15 April 2016
"Cycling towards a Better Enfield": Cycling fair and conference 22 March 2016
How the next Mayor can tackle London's environmental crisis 01 March 2016
Revised A105 cycle lane proposals to go to Cabinet next month 25 January 2016
Cycle Enfield: Enfield Town and Southbury Road consultation deadline approaches - by Basil Clarke 16 December 2015
Are roads for cars or kids? My part in the fight to make people-friendly streets - by Clare Rogers 14 December 2015
Initial analysis of Cycle Enfield A105 consultation responses 18 November 2015
Green Lanes cycle lanes proposals have public backing 09 November 2015