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26 March 2019

The government has published its strategy for the future of urban mobility.

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20 January 2019

The First and Last Mile - the Dynamic of Everyday Journeys is based on research into how 850 regular commuters are able to incorporate active travel into their journeys to and from work. It focuses on the benefits that might be secured if people switched from car travel to public transport and used more active travel modes for the journey to and from the railway station or bus stop - making the most of the 'first and last' mile of their daily journey.

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04 December 2018

Govia is to retain its Great Northern franchise. More trains will run from this weekend.

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02 July 2018

News media are reporting that Govia Thameslink Railway will be stripped of its operating franchise if a new interim timetable does not increase reliability sufficiently.

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04 April 2018

Govia Thameslink Railway has published a report on the third phase of its Monday-to-Friday fugture timetables consultation, along with complete Monday-to-Friday timetables. The first improvements to service frequency will be introduced on Sunday 20th May, but it appears that we will now have to wait until December 2019 before frequencies reach those promised in the consultations:

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14 March 2018

With the better weather just around the corner, have you thought about trying a different sport at SELBORNE BOWLING CLUB? We've been the home of bowling in Southgate since 1912 (entrance at the bottom of Ye Olde Cherry Tree pub car park). The season opens at the end of April, so if you're planning on ways to meet new friends and do your general health a big favour, come along and meet the coaches any Sunday morning from May to September from 10:00 a.m. All equipment can be supplied for.......

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06 March 2018

Finsbury Park to St Pancras via East Croydon and Purley?Photo courtesy of the 1London BlogThameslink train services providing direct services between Great Northern stations and Gatwick Airport via Finsbury Park are due to start in May, but as of 26th February a "preview" service has been running.. The service is very limited - three trains a day in each direction on Mondays to Fridays only, all between the morning and evening peaks.  They run between Peterborough in the north and Brighton.......

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13 February 2018

Starting on Friday 23rd February the Night Overground service from New Cross Gate to Dalston Junction will be extended to Canonbury and Highbury & Islington.  At Highbury passengers can catch a Night Tube on the Victoria Line and change at Finsbury Park onto the Piccadilly Line.  To reach Palmers Green is then just a matter of taking the N29 from Wood Green - they run every 7-8 minutes and the journey time in the early hours is very short. <?php$ogImage =.......

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12 February 2018

Starting on 20 May there will be an increase in the offpeak frequency of trains serving Palmers Green on Mondays to Saturdays. In response to enquiries from Dave Cockle of the Enfield Transport Users Group, Govia Thameslink Railway have confirmed that the offpeak frequency on the Hertford Loop will be increased from three to four trains an hour except on Sundays, when it will remain at two trains an hour. We do not yet know how late into the evenings this increased frequency will apply and what.......

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06 December 2017

The following information was provided by London Councils.  If you have a Freedom Pass and receive an address confirmation letter DO NOT IGNORE IT or you may lose your Freedom Pass. From this week letters are being sent to Freedom Pass holders who our records indicate may have moved home. Letters will be sent to a person’s new address, if known, and to the address listed on the Freedom Pass database. The letters will ask them to either confirm they are still living in London and.......

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03 December 2017

A newly published study into congestion on London's roads concludes that a long-term strategic solution requires a shift to active, sustainable and space-efficient modes. Road space should be reallocated to walking, cycling and public transport;  there should be distance-based road-user charging;  there should be workplace parking levies;  and new developments with minimal or zero parking. Understanding and Managing Congestion was commissioned from Integrated Transport Planning.......

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02 December 2017

Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) have launched the third and final phase of their consultations over new timetables to be introduced in May 2018.  The latest proposals will come as a disappointment for passengers using Palmers Green and other stations on the Hertford Loop, as the planned increase from two to four trains an hour on Sundays is no longer being offered. The online survey form mainly asks questions that are of little relevance to people using trains for weekend leisure purposes........

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23 October 2017

Following a recent Supreme Court ruling on the wheelchair priority space on buses, Transport for London have released a new guide for drivers and will be hosting several Accessibility Bus Driver Forums, to which users of wheelchairs or mobility scooters are invited. The event on 14th December will be held at Palmers Green Bus Garage (off Green Lanes, just north of the North Circular Road).

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21 October 2017

A recently published article by "Bus Driver U" describes what the author sees as serious safety failings in the way that bus services are regulated by TfL and run by bus operators.  The article includes a link to another describing a campaign for safer bus operations in London launched by an American businessman who was the victim of near-fatal collision on Oxford Street. The anonymous driver's article  - Bus Driver Fatigue—A TfL-Contracted Killer on London’s Roads? - is.......

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13 September 2017

To facilitate carriageway resurfacing Green Lanes (A105) will be CLOSED in Winchmore Hill nightly from 20:00 to 05:00 the following day on the dates 11th September to 23rd September 2017 inclusive Buses on routes 329 and N29 are expected to follow their normal route along the A105 until the Bourne Hill/ Hedge Lane junction and then non stop via A111 Hedge Lane to A10/A406 roundabout and then via A10 Great Cambridge Road and B154 Church Street to rejoin the line of route A105 at Village Road........

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26 July 2017

Londoners have until 2 October to give their views on the draft Transport Strategy that was published by the Mayor of London in June. The strategy is described as "the start of an ambitious plan that will reshape London over the next 25 years. It sets out a bold approach to achieve an essential vision – to create a healthier, fairer city; one that is not only home to more people, but that is a better place to live in." The complete draft document is over 150 pages long, but there is a.......

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05 July 2017

Passengers using Great Northern and other rail services operated by Govia Thameslink Railway are being consulted about draft timetables due to come into effect from May 2018. The deadline for response is 27 July.

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27 June 2017

No way out. The newly installed gate at Palmers Green station is a serious impediment to anyone with a heavy load or who has difficulty climbing stairs On the Sunday before last I arrived at Palmers Green station after a couple of weeks away.  I had with me a very heavy suitcase, but was easily able to pull it up the three small steps between Platform 2 and the car park and then wheel it home.  If I had returned one day later, I would have been in trouble, because the gate to the car.......

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01 May 2017

12 lessons starting 8pm Tuesday 6th June 2017 at Winchmore School Gymnasium. First 4 lessons free, £10 per lesson thereafter, free grading at the end of the course. Contact   for further details and booking form. <?php$ogImage = 'images/2017/karate_course_june_2017.jpg';include.......

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09 April 2017

As part of the Cycle Enfield works, resurfacing of Green Lanes at and near the junction with Station Road and Fords Grove will be carried out overnight for four nights starting on Monday 10th April.  Buses 329 and N29 will be diverted away from Winchmore Hill between 8pm and 5am. The section that will not be covered is likely to be between Bush Hill Parade ("Church Street" bus stop) and the Green Lanes/Hedge Lane/Bourne Hill junction in Palmers Green. <?php$ogImage = ' ';include.......

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