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20 November 2019

The plans for the Fox Lane low-traffic neighbourhood that were unveiled last week have certainly stirred up debate! Arguments for and against have been running on this website's forum and on social media. The Conservative and Labour contenders for the Enfield Southgate parliamentary seat have joined the fray, and pressure from within the majority Labour Party Group has prompted Enfield Council to extend the deadline for commenting on the plans to 22nd December. The Better Streets for Enfield group, which has been campaigning for a true low-traffic neighbourhood scheme, has suggested a revised scheme with more entrance/exit points for cars.

10 November 2019

Nearly two thirds of London councils have declared a climate emergency. While it is relatively straightforward to declare an emergency, it is far more challenging to commit to specific interventions that will deliver big cuts in carbon emissions. The London Living Streets group has identified a range of key policies that local authorities can adopt right now to reduce carbon emissions. All have either been adopted by another major global city, by local authorities in London or elsewhere in the UK.

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08 November 2019

Ahead of the public exhibition on Tuesday 12th November (3pm to 8pm in the former Starbucks shop), Enfield Council has published a map of its new proposals for removing through traffic from the Fox Lane Area Quieter Neighbourhood.

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06 November 2019

If you live in one of the areas shown on the maps and are worried about excessive traffic or speeding in local streets, you have until Sunday 10th November to let the council know your concerns and your suggestions for improvements.

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29 October 2019

Enfield Council will be unveiling its new plans for the Fox Lane Low Traffic Neighbourhood on 12th November, at a public exhibition in the former Starbucks building at Palmers Green Triangle. Visitors will be able to view the plans, question the design team and give feedback. The council developed the new plans for the Fox Lane quieter neighbourhood after it became clear that the measures introduced earlier this year had proved ineffective and a more radical treatment was needed.

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26 October 2019

The revised proposals for a low-traffic neighbourhood based around Fox Lane are expected imminently. In the meantime Enfield Council has launched the next phase of the Quieter Neighbourhoods programme by setting up perception surveys for the three residential areas that are included in Phase 2

02 October 2019

Palmers Green's first ever pop-up parklet event, on Sunday 15th September, was a great success. There were plenty of visitors, the weather was ideal (believe it or not, there was a time not so long ago when it didn't rain every day), the location - at the Green Lanes end of Devonshire Road - was well chosen, nearby businesses joined in - Stitch! even opened on a Sunday specially - and the council was cooperative. But most of all, the event succeeded because of hard work and careful planning by a team of around 20 people and because it was such a great idea!

02 September 2019

A group of Palmers Green residents who want to make the high street greener and attract more shoppers will be creating a 'pop-up parklet' in Green Lanes on Sunday 15th September.

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02 September 2019

An officer from Enfield Council will be at the Palmers Green ward forum on Wednesday 4th September to provide an update on the Quieter Neighbourhoods programme and traffic and parking problems.

27 August 2019

The latest information on the Cycle Enfield website about Enfield Council's Quieter Neighbourhoods programme outlines an updated strategy, which envisages schemes eventually covering the entire borough. It includes, for the first time, a scheme in Bowes ward west of Green Lanes. Revised proposals for the Fox Lane and Connaught Gardens schemes, which are included in phase 1, will be revealed at public events in, respectively, 'late summer 2019' and 'early Autumn 2019'

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15 July 2019

A low-traffic neighbourhood scheme would remove through traffic from the neighbourhood's streets, which raises the question: Will the traffic that now drives through the neighbourhood just be displaced onto main roads, causing more congestion? In this article, originally published on the London Living Streets website, the campaign group's vice-chair, Emma Griffin, sets out the evidence, collected over several years, which suggests that these fears are overblown..

19 June 2019

It was standing room only at last week's open meeting of Fox Lane & District Resident's Association (FLDRA) as people from the Association's catchment area (and some from further afield) flocked in, hoping to discover what Enfield Council has in mind for the Fox Lane Quieter Neighbourhood scheme, now that the planters experiment has been officially declared a failure. Actually, we didn't learn much at all about what new traffic calming measures will be proposed, but it was nevertheless a very useful meeting because of what we, the Council and the FLDRA found out about residents' views on traffic volumes and speeds in the so far not very quiet 'quieter neighbourhood' area.

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05 June 2019

Enfield Council is to end the trial placement of large planters at road junctions in the Fox Lane area because traffic count data collected in May this year shows that the planters are not achieving their intended objective of reducing through traffic. Before trialling an alternative method of reducing through traffic, the council will ask residents to comment on its ideas.

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14 May 2019

The campaign group Better Streets for Enfield is this week publishing its five 'asks'. Ask No 1 is A low traffic neighbourhood in every ward

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30 April 2019

A new traffic filter in Warwick Road, which local activists see as the first step in a wider effort to implement a Low Traffic Neighbourhood in the west of Bowes Ward, has had a bumpier ride than envisaged

07 April 2019

Fox Lane quieter neighbourhood baseline data showing speeds and total vehicle counts over a one week period. The data was collected in November and December 2018.

03 April 2019

Waltham Forest Council has released a short video outlining the achievements of the Enjoy Waltham Forest project since it began five years ago, when the borough was one of three to win bids for Mini-Holland funding from the Mayor of London and Transport for London.

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19 March 2019

Newly published traffic count data for a second residential street in the Fox Lane neighbourhood confirms what its residents know only too well - that up to 400 vehicles an hour are using it as a cut-through and that, even though the street is short and has a sharp bend, there is widespread disregard for the speed limit.

05 March 2019

Traffic count data recently published on the Cycle Enfield website gives a clear picture of the sheer amount of traffic using residential streets in the Fox Lane neighbourhood and of the prevalence of speeding. The data was collected prior to the start of the phased installation of planters partially blocking the ends of many of the roads that intersect with Fox Lane and will be compared with data to be collected later this month and then after the installation of all elements of the Fox Lane Quieter Neighbourhood scheme.

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25 February 2019

Traffic count data for Grovelands Road collected during a week in December 2018 has provided hard evidence about the large amount of traffic using this residential street and the number of drivers who are breaking the 30mph speed limit. Every day some 1,300 vehicles used the road. Nine people were recorded driving at more than 50mph, including three who were doing more than 60mph. The highest speed recorded was 70.4mph.

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