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06 February 2019

Clare Rogers of Better Streets for Enfield reports back from a seminar on the low traffic neighbourhoods concept hosted by the Urban Design Group and London Living Streets.

04 February 2019

An update on the (so far very slow) progress of the Fox Lane 'quieter neighbourhoods' scheme has been published on the Cycle Enfield website.

04 December 2018

The draft minutes of the Winchmore Hill ward forum held on 2nd November are now on the council website.

06 November 2018

Updated publicity issued by Cycle Enfield shows the definitive design of the Fox Lane Quieter Neighbourhood measures

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26 October 2018

At the Winchmore Hill ward forum on 2nd November there will be presentations on the Fox Lane quieter neighbourhood and from the Save the Intimate Theatre campaign.

09 October 2018

Enfield Council is to go ahead with implementation of their November 2017 proposals for the Fox Lane Quieter Neighbourhood, though with some modifications.

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22 August 2018

Following consideration of responses to statutory consultation, Enfield Council will be implementing an amended version of its proposals for the Fernleigh Road Quieter Neighbourhood. It will also be going ahead with measures to provide safer access to the Salmons Brook Quietway from the A105 at Bush Hill Parade.

28 July 2018

In the second of the Citizen's Eye series of video interview, Francis Sealey of Enfield Voices and GlobalNet21 talks to Clare Rogers about the genesis of the Better Streets for Enfield campaign.

17 June 2018

Two new briefing documents set out the case for creating Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in London and explain the various design principles that can be used.

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01 May 2018

Enfield Conservatives were no doubt hoping that a press release that they sent to the Enfield Independent would help them in their bid to recapture control of Enfield Council in Thursday's elections.  But I doubt whether they were expecting the amount of publicity that the paper's report and accompanying photograph would bring them - two further reports on the local paper's website, one in the Evening Standard and headlines on the national news website Huffington Post.  Not to.......

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25 April 2018

  Residents of a street on the Lakes Estate occupied the road outside their houses at the weekend, protesting about the lack of rat-running cars whizzing past their houses. One local, who preferred to remain anonymous, but we'll call "Musey", told me, "The situation is becoming intolerable, for more than a fortnight now we've been deprived of the stress and excitement of worrying about our kids being hit by a car, and the street doesn't smell like it usually does either.  I've had to.......

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23 April 2018

The My Liveable London campaign has moved into a new phase - asking everyone who supports its aims to email all candidates standing in their ward urging them to respond positively to the campaign's challenge to local politicians. Help make a city where everyone can walk and cycle safely and happily. Imagine a truly Liveable London. A city where: It’s enjoyable to walk and cycle your local trips You can breathe fresh air on streets free from congestion Children can safely.......

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10 April 2018

In the run up to the council elections on 3rd May two organisations that campaign for a fresh approach to London's streets have come together to set out a challenge for party leaders in each of London's 32 boroughs. London Living Streets, who seek better streets for pedestrians, are combining forces with the London Cycle Campaign, who, unsurprisingly, would like pleasanter and safer conditions for people riding bikes in London. They are calling their joint campaign My Liveable London and they want boroughs to create more "low traffic neighbourhoods".

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28 February 2018

Enfield Council is currently running the statutory consultation phase for the package of traffic orders proposed for the "Fernleign Road" Quieter Neighbourhood, which covers a large area extending from Stonard Road in Palmers Green to Station Road in Winchmore Hill. The first phase of consultations was held in October and November.  For the statutory consultation, which runs up to 18th March, some changes have been made in response to feedback from the first phase, but the overall scheme.......

30 January 2018

The Winchmore Hill ward forum held on 9th January included a briefing on Quieter Neighbourhoods by Richard Eason from the Cycle Enfield team at Enfield Council.

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10 January 2018

Last  night's Winchmore Hill Ward Forum at the Orange Tree was by all accounts very informative and a success - apart from disruption from someone who will be standing in the council elections for one of the councillor seats in the same ward.  It seems that the police even had to intervene.  Probably no coincidence that the same man is the only person I've ever had to ban from the PGC forums because he persisted in attacking "the man, not the ball" and for unacceptable language........

08 November 2017

Clare Rogers of Better Streets for Enfield defends the Quieter Neighbourhood schemes against attacks by opponents of Cycle Enfield.

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08 November 2017

Better Streets for Enfield have posted some comments about the Fox Lane Quieter Neighbourhood proposals on their website (republished below).  These are not yet finalised, they may take on board any useful comments. Fox Lane Quieter Neighbourhood plans The Fox Lane Quieter Neighbourhood consultation is open, showing some innovative and promising ideas. You can see the plans and respond here, while the technical drawings are here – the closing date is 26 November. The map in the Fox.......

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01 November 2017

Details of  proposed measures to create the Fox Lane Quieter Neighbourhood were published this morning.  Like last week's plans for the Fernleigh Road QN, they take a holistic approach to reducing vehicle speeds along side roads throughout the large area covered, which stretches from Palmers Green Triangle nearly all the way to Southgate Circus. Some of the traffic calming measures are familiar from the three previous QN proposals:  speed humps (confined to Fox Lane itself), road.......

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20 October 2017

The third set of Quieter Neighbourhood proposals relates to the "Fernleigh Road" QN - the entire area bounded by Hoppers Road, Station Road, Green Lanes and Bourne Hill. Hoppers Road does not just form a boundary, but would itself be part of the QN. There would also be measures to reduce traffic in two roads to the north of Station Road. The consultation is open until 12th November. In contrast to the approach taken to the Wolves Lane and Connaught Gardens QNs, the proposals are clearly aimed.......