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Subject tag: Quieter Neighbourhoods

25 November 2014

The Quieter Neighbourhoods schemes which Enfield Council are planning will use various "traffic calming" measures, the aim of which is to reduce traffic accidents, encourage walking and cycling by reducing the stress associated with heavy or fast traffic, and generally make life pleasanter for people living, walking or cycling along residential streets away from main roads. Traffic calming is not universally popular - concerns include noise and damage to cars allegedly caused by speed humps and.......

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17 November 2014

The initial consultation stage has now begun for two "Quieter Neighbourhood" schemes covering a large swathe of residential streets extending from the Cambridge Roundabout in the south east almost as far as Southgate Circus in the north west (though excluding Green Lanes, which runs between the two areas). Consultation began last month for the Wolves Lanes Quieter Neighbourhood, which lies south of the Connaught Gardens QN, separated from it by the North Circular Road. Click on the map to.......

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10 November 2014

Having posted some notes on the street redesign in the Turnpike Lane/West Green area. I went down this morning to take a look at the work. I still not sure how relevant this is to the Fox Lane area Quiet Neighbourhood sscheme, basically because the street plan is so different. However the individual elements may be of some interest. These are the subject of the attached photos which can be related to the original plan included in the earlier posting. One thought arises is that if Fox Lane was.......

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06 November 2014

There's a lot more going on about traffic management/traffic calming locally than I had realised - in addition to Mini-Holland (rebranded as Cycle Enfield) and the Quieter Neighbourhoods schemes (see this article)  In particular two schemes, one in Enfield and one in Haringey, seem relevant. DIY Streets Edmonton Enfield are engaged with Sustrans on a "DIY" street scheme which involves Church Street Edmonton between the A10 and Hertford Road. Church Street has similarities to Green Lanes........

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05 November 2014

Palmers Green Community has obtained information about the extent of the "Quieter Neighbourhoods" that Enfield Council is planning to create in and around Palmers Green.  At next week's open meeting of Fox Lane and District Residents' Association the Council is expected to provide some more details of what exactly they have in mind and how they intend to consult.  Non-members of FLDRA who live within the Association's area - that  bounded by Green Lanes, Bourne Hill, The Bourne,.......

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07 November 2014

Question 1.  What do think is good about the area? It’s clean, safe, pleasant, has a lovely green space, a god range of shops, cafes, restaurants Question 2.  What do you think is less good about the area? No good secondary school where we would be in catchment Question 3. What would you like to see to improve the area? No more new pound shops, a leisure centre, an M&S food store Question 4a. Specific aspects – traffic It’s quite busy at peak times but where in.......

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