Road safety

02 April 2014

A London Assembly study has highlighted the increasing vulnerability of pedestrians in London and is critical of the policies of the Mayor of London and Metropolitan Police. Feet First: Improving Pedestrian Safety in London is a newly published report by the Assembly's Transport Committee, which comprises members from the Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democratic and Green parties. In their executive summary the Committee set out the current state of affairs: More pedestrians are killed or.......

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22 January 2014

The Enfield Independent has reported that a campaign has been launched to improve safety for pedestrians crossing Green Lanes at the Fox Lane junction. This is just one of several hazardous crossing points facing pedestrians in Palmers Green........

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22 October 2013

Enfield Council has announced that the public consultation on a new zebra crossing in Aldermans Hill showed that the public were in favour of the plan.  The zebra crossing will be installed near the junction with Old Park Road (see photograph). Over the past five years eight people have been injured crossing the road near the location of the new zebra. Work to install the crossing and relocate pay and display parking bays will cost £35,000........

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21 May 2013

Enfield Council have published their proposals for a new 20mph zone which would extend from Winchmore Hill Green in the North to the Palmers Green end of Hoppers Road in the South. Though the consultation documents (available on the Enfield Council website) refer to a "20mph zone in the Palmers Green School area", the proposed zone would be rather larger than that description would suggest.  It would include the whole of Hoppers Road and all roads between Hoppers Road and Green Lanes.......

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12 April 2013

Enfield Council are consulting residents about a proposal to create a new zebra crossing on Bourne Hill, close to the junction with Hoppers Road, between the car wash on the northern side and St John's Church Hall on the southern side.  There would be a pedestrian refuge in the middle of the road........

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25 February 2013

Enfield Council has indicated its approval for a scheme to install new pedestrian refuge islands at two points along Green Lanes - one near Stonard Road in Palmers Green (close to the Catholic church and Intimate Theatre), the other near Radcliffe Road in the centre of Winchmore Hill........

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07 November 2014

Question 1.  What do think is good about the area? It’s clean, safe, pleasant, has a lovely green space, a god range of shops, cafes, restaurants Question 2.  What do you think is less good about the area? No good secondary school where we would be in catchment Question 3. What would you like to see to improve the area? No more new pound shops, a leisure centre, an M&S food store Question 4a. Specific aspects – traffic It’s quite busy at peak times but where in.......

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