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Crime and Policing

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Advice provided by the Palmers Green ward Safer Neighbourhoods team

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  • The risk of burglary doesn't end after the presents have been opened. The number of break-ins usually increases after Christmas, reaching its peak in the run up to New Year's Eve and into January.
  • Its worth checking what insurance cover you have if the worst does happen. Many home contents policies automatically increase their cover during the festive season, but a quick call to your insurer will make sure you're protected for the extra goodies under your tree.
  • Look at your house like a burglar would. Christmas is the only time of year when we advertise all the goods in our house to such an extent.
  • Don't hide your presents in obvious places like under the bed or in the wardrobe. Thieves are less likely to get into the attic.
  • Before wrapping presents jot down model and serial numbers.  Keep receipts separate so you have a record and thieves can't return your items to the shop.
  • Don't put gifts under the tree, or if you do, pull your curtains!
  • Rip up present boxes and dispose appropriately. Don't leave outside! This is an indication that a house has brand new and valuable contents.
  • Make it look like you're in when you're out at Christmas parties and don't make your house vulnerable. Keep lights on, windows and gates locked, use alarms and keep a car in the driveway. According to the Home Office, no force is required in as many as a fifth of burglaries because doors and windows are left open.
  • Secure sheds just as well as houses. They contain just the tools a burglar needs to get into your house. Garden forks are particularly useful as are makeshift ladders like wheelie bins and trampolines so keep them chained up.

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The second in a series of public meetings on crime will be held in Edmonton on 8 December and will be followed by a community weapons sweep.

Led by Enfield Council, the ‘Staying Safe this Winter’ event will take place at Community House, 311 Fore Street, Edmonton, at 10am to 12pm and is intended to be a follow-up to the extremely well-attended meeting on crime held in July.

The public meeting is open to all residents of Enfield and no pre-registration is required. Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Community Safety & Cohesion, Cllr Nneka Keazor will lead the discussions and representatives of the police force will also be speaking.

Cllr Keazor said: “The meeting on 8 December is an opportunity to continue the dialogue with residents that started in the summer and to learn more about the concerns of the community. The violence seen on the streets of London recently has horrified us all. Enfield Council is absolutely committed to working with the police and all other partners to make Enfield safer for everyone. We know residents are deeply worried about the increase in violent youth crime and we know more needs to be done, particularly with regards the number of police officers in Enfield.”

Enfield Council funds 16 police officers out of its own budget – despite significant government funding cuts – and spends over £1 million a year on a range of security cameras including 352 community safety cameras, many of which are in the Edmonton area.

The community weapons sweep will give attendees the opportunity to engage with police officers, Council officers and other members of the community. It will take place on a nearby council housing estate following a full briefing. Anyone can get involved although under-18s must be supervised. Those requiring assistance should make themselves known to Council staff. The sweep will be on ground level for ease of access. All are welcome.


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metropolitan police report web page croppedmetropolitan police report web pageAs a result of cuts in police numbers and the closure of the majority of London police stations, the methods that we used in the past to get in touch with the police are no longer effective.

999 is still the number to call when the situation is urgent, and there is a "hotline" available for reporting terrorist activity (0800 789 321).  But for non-urgent communication many people don't find calling 101 very effective.  In fact, some police forces have now ceased using it because it takes up so much of their time, though it is still available in London.

A much more efficient method of contacting the Met - from the point of view of both the person reporting and the police - is to use their online Report tool, which will provide the them with the relevant information in an organised form.

To use the reporting tool visit the link at the bottom of this report.  You will be taken through a series of interactive steps which will pinpoint the location of a problem or incident, narrow down its nature and allow you to upload video footage.

The range of incidents or concerns that can be reported is very wide.  What use the police will make of the information depends, of course, on various factors, not least how specific you can be when reporting and whether you can provide evidence and witnesses.  Naturally, police availability and priorities come into the equation as well, but even if no action is taken on a particular piece of information, it's still worth reporting it, because it may be used to build up a bigger picture of persistent crime or antisocial behaviour.

To use the Report tool, visit and click on Report.

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Enfield Council yesterday announced new measures designed to reduce youth crime in the borough - both through increased policing and by providing opportunities for young people to engage in positive activities.

Fight back against youth crime starts now

Enfield Council has unveiled a £100,000 package of measures designed to tackle a big increase in the level of youth violence in the borough in recent months.

Planned activities will include football, boxing, horticulture and cookery sessions but will also give youth workers an increased opportunity to do more work with young people to reinforce positive messages and behaviour.

Latest figures showed a 17 per cent increase in youth violence in the borough for the 12 months to May 2018, and there are fears that as the school holidays start that figure may rise further.

In response, Enfield Council, which funds 16 Safer Neighbourhood officers to patrol the borough’s housing estates and manages more than 800 CCTV cameras to keep residents safe, has developed a package of activities to engage vulnerable young people in positive activities during the summer holidays.

It is also organising a community meeting on 28 July where the Leader of Enfield Council, Cllr Nesil Caliskan and Cabinet Member for Communality safety and Cohesion, Cllr Nneka Keazor, will outline the measures the borough is taking to tackle the issue.

Cllr Caliskan has also written to the Metropolitan Police asking for extra officers to be deployed on the streets during the summer holidays.

The majority of the sessions will be open to all young people and in addition professionals from schools, the Youth Offending Unit, the Council’s Youth Development Unit and School’s Behaviour Support Team’s, the borough’s Pupil Referral Units and the Gangs Partnership Group have been asked to nominate young people who would benefit most from the Council funded sessions over the summer holidays.

Cllr Nneka Keazor said: “We are determined to do everything we can to give our younger residents every opportunity to make the right decisions and follow the right path.

"This initiative is about giving young people in our borough hope, raising aspirations; and also building confidence amongst all our residents that the Council is being proactive and committed to tackling youth violence”.

Cllr Nesil Caliskan, said: “The increase in violent crime is a real problem in this borough and many of our residents are deeply concerned. The Council is committed to playing our part in helping to tackle the problem.

"We are putting our money into programmes ahead of the school holidays and taking decisive action to deal with this issue.

“We know that that to effectively reducing crime and disorder among young people we need a multiagency approach. Part of the solution is to encourage young people in our borough to participate in activities that keep them motivated and engaged”.

“Our police do a fantastic job in extremely difficult circumstances. The problem is there are not enough of them to go around.

"We’ve lost a considerable number of police officers in Enfield over recent years. That is why the Council will continue to lobby for an increased police presence, especially over these summer holidays, because we understand that residents need to feel safer."


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the lilttle book of big scams

The Metropolitan Police have published a new edition of the Little Book of Big Scams.  It warns people about the following types of scam:

  • Online Crime
  • Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Online Shopping and Auction Sites
  • Computer Software
  • Service Fraud
  • Romance and Dating Fraud
  • Recruitment Fraud
  • Holiday Fraud
  • Ticketing Fraud
  • Online Banking and Card Fraud
  • [identity Fraud
  • Courier Fraud
  • Door to Door Fraud
  • Investment Fraud

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Today's papers report on the jailing of Jason Paul Keogh of Enfield, who was convicted of an armed robbery outside Morrisons in Palmers Green in September last year.  After robbing a G4S driver at gunpoint he came unstuck when the underpants he was wearing on his head as a disguised slipped down and blocked his view, causing him to run into a parked van in the shop's car park.  CCTV footage was later found, showing him arranging the underpants on his head. To quote the Independent, "You're knickered, mate".

The cash box he had stolen was found  unopened in the New River at Oakthorpe Road and his loaded handgun was discovered nearby.

The police's official version of the story can be found on

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 Enfield MPS have issued the following warning on Twitter.

There has been two reported robberies over the wkend that cause great concern . Both were advertising selling or buying a product on Gumtree. They’ve lured the persons into a residential area in Enfield and robbed the 1st person of all their cash...

The 2nd person had a liquid thrown @ them when they refused to give over product.This substance has been confirmed as PH14 strength alkaline inside.Please if you’re going to meet up with sellers /buyers online meet in a public place with CCTV,don’t go alone, stay safe . SC

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