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The following urgent message was sent by Jennifer Arkwright, the PCSO for Palmers Green Ward.

Dear Ward Member,

Enfield is experiencing high levels of rogue traders at present predominantly pretending to be roofers and performing work on your properties that you do not need and did not ask for while robbing your bank accounts all in with the bargain. Chase, Bush Hill and Palmers Green Wards have been effected, nowhere has really escaped this current team/s

Please read the attached letter from Enfield Trading Standards Team brimming with handy advice to keep you safe. If you are visited by any person telling you your roof is in dire need of repair simply close the door and if you are worried contact a reputable trader yourself (see attached letter on how to find one) but before you do that call the police if you believe the caller to be fraudulent.

If you have any information which could assist in identifying and arresting these people please contact your local policing teams or call crime stoppers on 0800 555 111, it's free and the information could assist in arrests that will save many more residents from the misery these traders would otherwise have caused.

And put on your neighbourly hat on, keep an eye out for your neighbours friends and family especially if vulnerable or elderly.

As ever, we are happy to pop around and provide crime prevention advice to anybody who would like it, just drop us an email or give us a call.

Jennifer ARKWRIGHT | PCSO 7104YE | Palmers Green SNT DWO PCSO | Enfield BOCU
Tel.: 0208 721 2835 | E-mail:
Address: Southgate Police Station, 25 Chase Side N14 5BW

Message from Enfield Trading Standards Team

Bogus callers have been going door to door in Chase Ward, Bush Hill and Palmers Green Wards in June /July 2016 offering to carry out works for residents totheirguttering and roofs.They could be operating in your area now!

The price starts low e.g. £30-180 to clear guttering or replace a couple of roof tiles.

Once access is gained to the roof the traders say the wood is rotten and needs replacing, they can replace the felt, the broken tiles. They will say there is a problem with the ridge tiles, etc. The price goes up and up,and residents feel they have nowhere to turn. Their roof is exposed and they just want to get their roofs secure, so they keep paying money.

The traders will demand cash up front, to pay their men and for materials. Never pay cash.


Although they often insist on cash (and may even offer to take you to the bank!) they may ask for a bank transfer to appear more genuine.

Rogue traders are unlikely to provide any paper work, no cancellation rights and no contact details other than a mobile number, or false details. The quality of work is often substandard.

The trader,Enfield Trading Standards are currently investigating, have 0208 and 0800 numbers also. Please be aware they have registered for this number,using business service providers with untraceable mobile phones.

They are also using false mailbox addresses without the the authority of mailbox/business services companies.A number of vehicles have been seen in connection with these incidents and these vehicles have Irish number plates, all current reports have concerned roofing works.

If you are not sure do not open the door!

If you have dealt with any traders like this recently,please keep any paper work that you may have been given. If they are working at your property now - where possible, take the registration number of their vehicles and a description of all the people involved. Also photos of the people or vehicles involved, but please do not put yourself in danger.

More information and advice is available from Citizen’s Advice Consumer Service on 03454 040506.

Reputable companies:

You can obtain a list of reputablecompanies from the Enfield council website
typing in ‘building confidence’.

If you are having work carried out by people that fit the above description, contact the Police on 999 or CAB Consumer Advice on 03454 04 05 06, who will contact Enfield Trading Standards.


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