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Bogus TPS (Telephone Preference Service) callers targeting the elderly.

The police are urging residents to be on their guard after receiving reports of bogus telephone calls where the caller claims to be from the “Telephone Preference Service / Agency” (TPS).

The callers claim they can now help block calls from outside the UK as part of a new campaign they are running for elderly residents.

The caller claims they would like “to confirm details of your TPS registration” but will then proceed to ask the resident for bank / credit card details.

These telephone calls are a scam. The genuine “Telephone Preference Service” is a free service, which you can register with to stop unsolicited and mass-marketing telephone calls. At no point will you be asked to provide payment or your bank card details.

Police advice is to always act with caution when receiving any type of unsolicited telephone call. Never give your personal or bank account details to anybody over the telephone unless you are absolutely sure of their intentions.

If you do have doubts, then do not be afraid to end the call by hanging up.

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