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safer neighbourhoods team

This warning was sent by the Palmers Green Ward Safer Neighbourhood Team but clearly applies throughout the borough.

Dear Ward Member,

There have been two reports recently that have involved very elderly victims being called by people stating they are police officers and that they have been a victim of fraud.

The scammers have tricked the victim into believing they are real officers, have even faked a check with 999 by not hanging up the phone themselves and then made them withdraw a large amount of cash/currency from banks.

One of the victims was then directed to central London by the scammers and robbed of a great deal of cash. The second was stopped by the bank during the attempt to withdraw the cash. Please be mindful if you have elderly relatives, friends or neighbours and pass the word onto them too.

Please remember that the police would never ask anyone to draw out money or make any bank transactions.


Jennifer ARKWRIGHT | PCSO 7104YE | Palmers Green SNT DWO PCSO | Enfield BOCU

Tel.: 020 8721 2835   | E-mail:
Address: Southgate Police Station, 25 Chase Side N14 5BW

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