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This month's Safer Neighbourhood News for Palmers Green ward includes the following information about street robberies.

Thieves are again in the area watching for elderly residents to withdraw money from their banks and then waiting for the earliest opportunity to steal that money.

The latest victims have been followed on to buses before being blocked and money taken from a pocket.

Or followed towards their homes and distracted by either a map or other paperwork and money and wallets have been taken from bags.

Try not to withdraw large amounts of cash unless it is absolutely necessary. Setting up direct debits or using account transfers is a much safer way for bills to be paid.

Twice during the past month elderly drivers have been told they’d committed parking or traffic offences when they’d returned to their cars parked in Winchmore Hill Sainsbury’s. They were then directed to Palmers Green Station car park to the parking machine to pay their fines. One driver did as instructed, was distracted at the machine by a friendly thief and her card was taken and used at a cashpoint nearby to withdraw a large amount of money.

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