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There seems to have been a recent increase in crimes committed where the victims are sitting in stationary cars (or even moving cars) or have just parked up.

Here's an example in a Tweet from Winchmore Hill police:

Hello WHW. Friday at 1:42pm as victim pulled up outside her home on Hoppers Rd she noticed a black car that had followed her pull up behind her too. A white female 25-30 approached with a map in her hands asking for directions. A white male 35-45 then joined her with a map too. Victim’s handbag was on the back seat. She later noticed her card was missing and that £1600 had been taken from multiple ATMs. Please make friends and family aware of this tactic. — WinchmoreHill Police (@MPSWinchmoreH) 13 October 2019


The most recent Palmers Green Safer Neighbourhoods Newsletter lists several incidents of successful or attempted theft of cars from people who were actually in the car at the time. The police warn: "Please be aware of your surroundings if you are sat in a car waiting for someone outside a house as two of the victims were approached this way."

The newsletter also lists several thefts of catalytic converters.

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David Eden posted a reply #4838 15 Oct 2019 15:58
Any more tweets? That is just a story of lost people asking for
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David Eden wrote: Any more tweets? That is just a story of lost people asking for

You're absolutely right. The next tweet in the thread was missing. Now restored.