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Fox Lane & District Residents' Association is warning local residents of a scam that was tried out on one of its members recently (without success in this case):

This morning I received a British Airways American Express Credit card through the post in my name – I haven’t applied for one so have reported it to the American Express fraud team. They told me to cut the card up and that they would investigate further.

As I was doing this a caller came to the door saying that he was collecting his boss’s card application which should have gone to xxx Fox Lane, and had been told it had been redirected here. He claimed his boss worked for David Lloyd. Obviously we did not hand over the mail and he left saying he would return with some documents to explain the problem. He hasn’t reappeared.

The caller was probably in his 20s, dark skinned, wearing a dark blue T shirt, jeans and trainers.

I reported this to the police on 101, who promised officers would call on us within the hour to gather further information, which they did.

Because of noise from tree works in the road, the caller had been let in while discussing this; the Police said never do this because he could have picked up money, keys, other mail etc.

It seems likely that he was watching for the post to be delivered hoping to grab the letter before it was opened. I believe that making a false application and attempting to pick up the card when it arrives is a common scam. 

We have reported this to various credit and identity theft organisations.

Please advise friends/neighbours as appropriate, and call the Police on 101 if you receive any such calls etc.

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