enfield veg coEnfield Veg Co. is a local, not-for-profit organic veg bag delivery scheme run by Forty Hall Farm in north Enfield, which is part of Capel Manor College. When you sign up to become a member, you receive a weekly supply of fresh seasonal vegetables. Simply choose what size bag you want from the three sizes available.  Our food is super-fresh and we pride ourselves on offering produce with zero food miles..

What’s in the bags?

The contents of the bags vary every week depending on what is in season but we usually include a mix of more everyday veg (things like potatoes, carrots and onions) with seasonal treats. In the summer, this includes salad items such as tomatoes, mixed salad bags, courgettes and cucumbers. In the winter, expect to see veg like pumpkins, beetroot, winter greens and root veg. Everything is organic and locally grown, with the majority of produce coming from Forty Hall Farm in Enfield.

How does it work?

It’s simple. You sign up for membership of our scheme, and every week we deliver you a bag of veg. The membership is a monthly payment that we take as soon as you have signed up and filled in our direct debit mandate. How much veg you get, depends on the size of the bag.

Most pick-up points are self-service so you can collect your bag whenever suits you, but some have  specific opening hours.


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