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In this webinar we look at how we can build new homes in a way that addresses the imperative of climate change

If we are to tackle climate change then we must tackle housing. Domestic housing is responsible of one fifth of carbon emissions and in some Boroughs it is around 42%

There needs to be a strategy to ensure that both new build as well as old housing reduces their carbon emissions. And with new build there is a significant way to do that. It is to build new homes according to the “passivhaus standard” that creates net zero carbon emissions and reduces fuel bills by 90%

This webinar looks at what passivaus housing is and looks at some examples. We also ask why some authorities have not yet considered building to this standard. Some Boroughs have a number of development and regeneration projects but none as far as we know to the passivhaus standard.

Many consider this standard as the gold or platinum standard for new build in the coming years and essential if we are to tackle climate change.
So join us and look at what this standard is and the need for all local authorities to embrace it.

Building To Save Our Planet


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