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The Covid 19 emergency has shown that there is such a thing as society and that the community can organise at great speed at a time of crisis. But can it do that with the even bigger crisis that will affect us all this century - climate change.

In this Webinarwe we will be discussing with Emma Rigby and Adam Mcgibbon how they think civil society can contribute at such a time of crisis

Emma mobilised her local community in Enfield almost immediately the corona virus went global and within days she had assembled 600 volunteers. She has also mobilised volunteers to run community safety patrols around schools where students had been mugged. Adam also organised volunteers to help those in need because of the corona crisis in his local are. As well he has run a campaign with others to get Enfield Council to divest from fossil fuels.

So how important will this type of mobilisation be as the climate change crisis unfolds on us and how can the community become involved. What can they do and how can they help us all to adapt to this crisis and mitigate some of its effects.

Mobilising The Community In A Time Of Climate Change


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