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Vehicle Idling Actionim no idler logo are recruiting volunteers to become Clean Air Champions in twelve London boroughs - including Enfield.


Join our Vehicle Idling Action campaign and be part of a movement to bring much needed positive environmental changes to our communities. Together we can spread awareness about the negative impacts of engine idling, creating long-term behavioural changes in drivers to immediately reduce localised air pollution.

We are establishing a team of enthusiastic, willing, local volunteers to become Clean Air Champions within their local or chosen borough. Twelve boroughs are taking part in this project and will be coordinating action events once a month at idling hotspots. This will be achieved through teams of local volunteers – concerned citizens, local business employees and project staff – taking part in the events and helping with the education of motorists and pedestrians alike.

Vehicle Idling Action day events

Between October 2016 and March 2017 there will be a monthly vehicle idling action event in 12 London boroughs. The events will last for approximately 2 hours and will each ‘pop up’ in a designated hotspot.

Working in pairs, our volunteers will talk to people about air quality issues and the impact of engine idling. Where drivers are parked up and idling their engines, the volunteers will attempt to engage them in conversation about how engine idling contributes to localised air pollution, and encourage them to switch off their engines – with little rewards for anyone who does. As a reward they can receive a small version of the snakes & ladders game which will contain information about air pollution and idling, or a car window sticker.

What will you get out of it?

If you want to learn some valuable behaviour change skills, and help to improve London air too, this is the perfect project for you. We will provide you with:

– Training that will arm you with air pollution facts, so that you can talk knowledgably on the subject.

– Hints and tips on how to approach people and be persuasive in a short time period.

– Skills to facilitate an educational game, which draws out the learning elements of play.

You’ll be doing something very practical to significantly improve the air quality in your local area, and we hope you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction having done so. If you complete the training and participate in three or more of our events, we will give you a letter of achievement and commendation which you can use in your CV.

To volunteer, please fill out this volunteer form (or if you are unable to access that form please click here).

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