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ulez petitionAn online petition on the 38 Degrees website is calling on the Mayor of London to include the whole of Greater London in the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone, for it to cover all types of vehicle and for it to come into force by 2019.

The  petition was created by Daniel Jones of Enfield Green Party.

“We call on the Mayor of London and Transport for London to introduce an Ultra Low Emission Zone for all vehicles to cover the whole of Greater London by 2019.”


Why is this important?

We are calling on the Mayor of London to tackle air pollution and save lives by creating an Ultra Low Emission Zone (‘ULEZ’) to cover the whole of Greater London.

An ULEZ is an area in which vehicles must meet exhaust emission standards or pay a daily travel charge. The highest charges will be paid by the most polluting vehicles. The Mayor is proposing to create an ULEZ for all vehicles in central London in 2019. He is consulting on whether to extend it to cover the area inside the North and Circular Road and also to create an ULEZ for the whole of London but only for heavy vehicles. We are asking him to go further.

Air pollution is now a major health risk. We need powerful measures to tackle it. An ULEZ which applies only to heavy vehicles will not be enough to protect people from pollution in outer London, especially where people live and work next to the North or South Circular. Creating an ULEZ for all vehicles to cover the whole of London would significantly reduce pollution in outer London and would better improve the air quality in central London than an ULEZ that covers central London alone.

For these reasons we ask you to add your name to this petition.

Click this link to sign the petition

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Dougie Dickson's Avatar
Dougie Dickson posted a reply #2771 18 Feb 2017 00:12
hi why only 600 signatures required please is this a legal number required to be heard by tfl?
Bill Linton's Avatar
Bill Linton posted a reply #2772 18 Feb 2017 19:25
I'm not sure, but I think that 38 Degrees automatically update the target each time the previous taget is reached. So a target of 600 just means it's already got past 500 (though I'd have expected the next target to be 1000).

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