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Readers will be aware that Enfield Council no longer allows plastic bags in its recycling wheelie bins (with blue lids), but may not know that many kinds of plastic bags, including carrier bags, can be recycled at Morrisons in Palmers Green.  There is a bin for this purpose in the aisle that you come out into after paying.  Details of the types of bag that are accepted are shown on the Morrisons Blog (see the extract below).

logoWhat Can Be Recycled At Our Carrier Bag Recycling Points?

We accept...

Plastic Carrier Bags, Plastic bread bags, Plastic cereal bags and inner cereal bags, Plastic wrappers and ring joiners from multipacks of cans and plastic bottles, Plastic wrappers from toilet roll and kitchen towel packs, Plastic freezer bags, Plastic magazine and newspaper wrap (type used for home delivery only), Thin bags used for fruit and veg at supermarkets, Bubble wrap, Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) - resin ID code 4, Flexible plastic multi-pack can holders/rings

We don't accept..

Any Non-Polythene film (eg PP, PVC), Cling film, Food and drink pouches, Crisp packets, Film lids from ready meals and food trays

Sainsburys in Winchmore Hill (Green Lanes) also has a recycling point for plastic carrier bags, but their website doesn't give any more detail of exactly what they accept - most likely, exactly the same things as Morrisons.  If anyone knows, please get in touch with the information, including where in the store the carrier bag recycling point is.

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Sue Beard's Avatar
Sue Beard posted a reply #4697 18 Jul 2019 07:26
So why recycle them? The only reason I ever take a bag at the checkout is because I have forgotten to bring one or visit unplanned. Instead of having a hopper to be reprocessed Why not just put them at the entrance for people to reuse?
David Eden's Avatar
David Eden posted a reply #4702 26 Jul 2019 10:49
If I forget my bags (which happens worryingly often) then I grab one or two of the cardboard boxes they give away. No plastic. No recycling concerns, just go straight in the blue bin when I get home.

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