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Extinction Rebellion campaigners from five boroughs have announced plans for a North London Uprising on 7th and 8th September. Rebellion groups from Haringey, Islington, Camden, Enfield and Barnet will be occupying streets and running events in and around Turnpike Lane, Downhills Park, Harringay Green Lanes and Manor House.

The aim is to engage north Londoners with Extinction Rebellion and the fight against climate inaction, and to celebrate the area’s community spirit through a weekend full of actions, workshops, trainings and entertainment.  

The Uprising will include a rich variety of workshops and discussion panels, a funeral march, fashion pause, swarming (repeated 7-minute road blocks), family activities, arts and crafts, live music and will culminate in a march - the Green Lanes Parade, from Turnpike Lane station to Manor House.

"The time to act is today, not tomorrow"

One of the organisers, Jessica Peverell from Extinction Rebellion Haringey emphasises that “The time to act on the climate is now, not tomorrow."

We’re encouraging everyone - whether they’re part of Extinction Rebellion, or not - to join us in reclaiming the streets of North London in a sign of solidarity, and demand action on this climate catastrophe. The weekend’s events will be a mixture of fun, but also action, as we look towards the International Rebellion in October.

"We want people to ask questions"

Rosie-Lea Sparkle from Extinction Rebellion Islington says that there will be a role for everyone to play:

The North London Uprising encompasses many actions that will speak the truth, encourage people to sign up and participate in the conversation. For new members it offers the chance to take their first steps in actions with XR, to get trained up and to learn XR’s values; not just through a talk but through the experience of seeing how people can come together and create beautifully disruptive actions, while remaining peaceful. 

If people are curious, or doubtful, we encourage them to come down to Downhills Park and listen to speakers, be entertained by artists, share food and connect with their local community. We want people to ask questions - this is where they can come and safely explore and find a place for themselves in the rebellion. There really is a role for everyone to play, it might not even exist yet, but there is a space waiting to be made for everyone. We’re looking forward to meeting lots of new faces.

The Uprising's three actions

The weekend will be split into three main actions: Tell the Truth, Act Now and Rebel For Life, with each dedicated to different parts of the Extinction Rebellion:

Tell the Truth - Turnpike Lane

Rebels will reclaim the streets of North London! Attendees are encouraged to bring a plant to Turnpike Lane station and help us make Green Lanes green again. Rebels will also be able to print their clothes at the art blocking station, share their ideas in the demands tent, as well as listen to speakers and local musicians. Please also keep a look out for a hint of blue...

Act Now - Downhills Park (West Green)

The heart of our uprising. This is your chance to get trained up for the next Rebellion. You can expect the Heading for Extinction talk, Panels on climate grief, animal agriculture, fast fashion and diversity, Yoga classes, lots of family activities on Sunday, People's and Children's assemblies, Affinity Group formation training, amazing local bands and much more!

Rebel for Life - The Green Lanes Parade (Sunday 5:30pm)

A celebration of the London Uprisings that will highlight the strength of our communities. Bring drums, shakers, instruments, flags and lots of rebellious energy! We will march down Green Lanes from Turnpike Lane to Manor House, where we will hold a closing ceremony.

A full timetable and line-up will be announced soon, rebels who would like to take part are encouraged to sign up to volunteer on the day using the form and choose from a variety of trainings:….


North London Uprising page on Extinction Rebellion website

North London Uprising event on Extinction Rebellion Enfield Facebook page

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Basil Clarke's Avatar
Basil Clarke posted a reply #4746 14 Aug 2019 15:48
Are such drastic actions as those carried out by Extinction Rebellion necessary? Is climate change really such a threat?

The answer to both questions is Yes. Just watch these four extracts from Sky News.

What happens if the world warms up by 2°C?

"At a 2°C rise, people will begin to die of what is now considered normal summers. Countries already hit by hurricanes face ever greater storms. Plant growth slows down, then stops. Plants don’t absorb CO2 as efficiently, instead emitting it. The extra carbon sees global warming spiral out of control. In the year 2100 sea levels would rise by a meter displacing 10% of the world's population. In this 2°C future, ecosystems across the globe collapse. A third of all life on earth faces extinction."

What happens if the world warms up by 3°C?

"If global temperature rises by 2°C the chances of avoiding a 3°C increase are slim. At a 3°C increase plants stop absorbing CO2, enough carbon builds in the atmosphere to raise temperatures by another 1.5°C by 2100. The planet is tipped into runaway global warming. Cities and farms around the world will loose their rivers and reservoirs run dry. Saltwater creeps upstream and groundwater is poisoned. This tips food production into a irreversible decline."

What happens if the world warms up by 4°C?

"After the collapse of the amazon and the carbon cycle, stabilising the global temperature to avoiding a 4°C increase may no longer be possible. Coastal cities will either vanish or become islands. A sea level rise of 1m every 20 years is far beyond our capacity to adapt. At this point up to 85% of the amazon rainforest has disappeared. But the most damaging effect of this temperature is an irresistible thawing of permafrost. At least 500bn tonnes of carbon trapped below ground could be released by 2100."

What happens if the world warms up by more than that?

"Above 4°C we are looking at a vastly different world. Rainforests have turned into deserts and rising seas reach see into continents. Migrants force their way into the few habitable places left on earth. Civil wars are the inevitable outcome. To see what the world could look like at 6°C rise, we have to go back 251 million years. 95% of living species were wiped out. At sea everything suffocated. The forests are burning, the rivers are drying up. Continents carved up by toxic oceans and corpses pile up in cities across the planet. A 6°C world is a bleak one."

Thanks to Michael Flammer for publicising these videos.
David Eden's Avatar
David Eden posted a reply #4747 14 Aug 2019 17:05
Very glad to be out the country that weekend then.

The issue is very real. ER's aspirations are not, verging on nonsense/delusional.

I'm sure these events won't be exciting enough for celebrities to fly in on their private jets to woke up their instagram accounts though sadly...
David Hughes's Avatar
David Hughes posted a reply #4749 14 Aug 2019 21:00
David E. this is not the time to be making sarcastic remarks about attempts to raise awareness about global warming; our government has been sleep-walking towards climate change as long as I can remember. If the government is doing next to nothing 'Extinction Rebellion' is at least drawing attention to the urgent need to get on with making the necessary changes.

If our parliamentary government has shamefully more-or- less ignored the writing on the wall that doesn't mean that as individuals we should do likewise. All of us, and especially the younger generations, will be at risk from higher temperatures and consequential effects on farming. This issue matters, and when we open the door of our cars intending to drive a journey which could be walked, cycled or made on public transport perhaps we should think again. Mind you it's easy for me to talk, I don't like driving and my wife has never driven post her successful driving exam.

Meanwhile travelling is not the only big issue, there are lots of old, leaky homes in London kept warm by burning fossil fuels. Mine included. The Government must get more involve in this.
Hugh F's Avatar
Hugh F posted a reply #4750 15 Aug 2019 10:35
I think they mean Harringay. "Harringay Green Lanes" is a station, Harringay is the neighbourhood.

They also probably mean Grand Parade, Green Lanes, Harringay: nowhere called "Green Lanes Parade" exists as far as I'm aware.

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