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Nearly fifty groups from across the range of community activities in Enfield are joining forces in order to involve civic society in addressing the emergency of climate change.

enfield climate action forum

Core members of Enfield Climate Action Forum

  • Cllr Vicki Pite
  • Cllr Lindsay Rawlings
  • David Flint
  • Adam McGibbon
  • Aurora Yacov
  • Elaine Graham-Leigh
  • Francis Sealey

Organisations interested in joining EnCaf should contact .

The aim of the Enfield Climate Action Forum (EnCaf) will be to create awareness about the urgency created by climate change, to encourage co-operation between members, to exchange knowledge and good practice, to facilitate local civil society action and to monitor local authority plans to address climate change. Organisations which have already agreed to participate include churches and mosques, social networks, environmental organisations and other groups active in the community.

EnCAF will meet four times a year and a core group will be responsible for co-ordinating activities and publishing bi-monthly newsletters.

The Forum was due to meet for the first time in late November, but the meeting has now been postponed until January, after the general election.

"A major force for change"

One of EnCaf's first actions will be to interview parliamentary candidates live and online in order to seek their views on the climate change emergency.

EnCaf founder member Francis Sealey is optimistic about the outlook:

"We hope the Forum will grow and become a major force for change in the borough and we are encouraged that we have enlisted the support of nearly 50 organisations in only three weeks."

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