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Pupils at an Enfield primary school have collaborated with their music teacher to make a single about climate change and a YouTube video where the children talk about the threat of global rising temperatures and the part that reforestation can play in reducing the rate of temperature increase. All profits will go to the TreesForCities charity.

George Papakyriacou ("George P") is music teacher at St Michael's School in Brigadier Hill. He wrote the song, Temperature's Rising, for the school's summer concert, which had as its theme climate change.

temperatures rising singleSuper excited to announce the release of my collaboration with St Michael's Primary School Enfield. This song was written for our Summer Concert of 2019 which was around the topic of Climate Change and looking after Planet Earth. Children enjoyed singing it so much, I thought it would be a great idea to record a version with them singing on it too.

I honestly feel that when the children sing this song, they bring power, emotion and meaning to it. I love watching them pour their hearts into it. So, after lots of hard work, which was all fun to be honest, we recorded Temperature's Rising with St Michael's School. Children and staff were super dedicated and professional and willing to put in the hours.

We are over the moon to be releasing the single on ALL DOWNLOAD PLATFORMS. All the proceeds from the sales of the single will be donated to the reforestation charity TREESFORCITIES. Check out the links below on how to download the single and how to get involved with other reforestation charities.

Once again, thank you to all the children and staff who made this project a reality. Love you all so much!!! You Rock!!!!

Download through UK iTunes store

Download through UK Apple Music

Download on GooglePlay

Download through AMAZON MUSIC


Thanks for watching lovely people.

Trees for Cities is a great UK reforestation charity that's helping to make cities greener and healthier. They work along side schools too. They're amazing. Check out their link below.

I've also listed a bunch of reforestation charities from around the world.


Reforestation charities around the world

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