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Saturday 6 July 2019 4.45pm - 6.15pm

Yoga to develop a calm mind

St John's Hall, Bourne Hill, N13 4DA

201907 yoga to develop a calm mind

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali states: “Yogash chitta vritti nirodhah. Tada drashtuh svarupe avasthanam.”

Translated from Sanskrit to English: Yoga is the removal of the fluctuations of the mind. Then one abides in the Self. Then the seer rests in its true nature.

Thus we can see that, in its purest sense, the comprehensive practice of yoga aims to find the true essence of our being through a process designed to create a calm mind and bring a sense of stillness and peace.

Essentially, we need to create that calm mind. But that’s much harder than it sounds! Luckily, yoga is a full toolbox of resources to help remove the fluctuations of the mind to balance and calm its ever-changing tides.

In this workshop, the teacher, Nikesh, will teach you how to consciously take your attention on breathing (pranayama), to moving postures (asana), to meditation, which will help you to help yourself develop a calm mind.

This is for everyone, whether it's your first step into this practice or you have prior experience. All we ask is that you come with an open mind.

The workshop starts at 4.45pm so please get there 10 minutes before (and try and bring your own mats). For more information please contact us on facebook (#yogawithnikesh) or email us on .

Love and light

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