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Wednesday 4 December 2019 until Friday 24 January

Art: Patrick Samuel Retrospective

Dugdale Centre, Enfield Town, EN2 6DS  


About the exhibition

With this retrospective, autistic artist Patrick Samuel returns to the gallery in the Dugdale Centre, where he presented his first solo exhibition in November 2017. Since taking up art again 3 years ago, Patrick has produced an extensive portfolio in a wide range of styles and media. Curated using pieces from his previous exhibitions and integrating never-before-seen work, this collection offers a glimpse at a creative mind in motion. In Patrick’s own words:

“In December 2016, I began my new life as an artist, and the early pieces show the emotional and mental struggle I was going through. It was a time of ‘brute art’, or ‘outsider art’. That soon shifted to bursts of colour with paintings that expressed my fascination with space, time and nature. Then it shifted again to the more abstract, and then again to mysticism. The world of my mind never stays still, only long enough for me to capture fragments of it in image or sound.”

About the artist

Patrick Samuel is an exhibiting artist and musician with autism and ADHD. Having returned to art after a 20-year break, he picked up painting and drawing again when he started his daily art therapy in December 2016. A time of prolific work as well as recognition followed, and Patrick has embraced his neurodiversity as a gift rather than seeing it as a disability; he’s found his voice and his calling.

Patrick has had several solo exhibitions and produced two albums with “neuro-diverse” music he wrote. His work and his story have been recognised in local media and featured in magazines as well as on BBC Breakfast and BBC News online. As a spokesperson for autism awareness, Patrick has been sharing his experiences at various events and conferences throughout the UK.

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