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Sunday 5 May 6.30pm

Concert: Pascha of Romiosini

Gracepoint Theatre, 161-169 Essex Road, N1 2SN (near Essex Road station)

201905 pascha of romiosini

Fundraising Event for the Church of St Antony & St John the Baptist, Holloway

Tickets are £15 and can be purchased through Aggleiki on 0207 700 0021 OR .

The event is being sponsored by Anthea Lettings

Originating from the time when Byzantium was the eastern part of the Roman Empire, the word "Romiosini" is difficult to define. It denotes the joy and exuberance of the Greek culture, encompassing the Orthodox Faith and even the suffering for that Faith, over many centuries. It is enshrined deep in the soul of one's being, and is the very ethos and essence of "Greekness".

The Romiosini Cultural Association was formed in the town of Paralimni in the Famagusta area of Cyprus. Its emblem is one of the six-winged Angels which guard the Lord's throne in Heaven, as depicted in the mosaics of the dome of Ayia Sophia in Constantinople.

It is a traditional music school, with a large Choir consisting of some sixty members, as well as narrators and solo singers of various ages. There is also a theatrical team and the Association undertakes educational and pilgrimage visits both at home and abroad, offering presentations, lectures, seminars and workshops based on eastern music. All these co-exist alongside the Association's various cultural events, and Romiosini has proudly presented a large and varied repertoire both at home and abroad.

Some of the themes covered were dedications to Constantinople and were hosted by the Ministers of Defence for both the Greek and Cypriot Governments. In the same vein, a concert was held in Constantinople in honour of the present Ecumenical Patriarch, His All Holiness Bartholomeos I.

The performance which will be given on Sunday 5th May, and entitled "The Pascha of Romiosini", entails songs from the different musical cultures of Greece, Cyprus, Asia Minor, the Aegean, Macedonia, Thrace etc. It will include songs tracing back our rich musical heritage throughout the centuries, and will be enhanced by relevant texts, visual presentations and traditional Cypriot dances in costume.

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