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Monday 24 February 7.00pm - 8.45pm

London’s New River – neither new nor a river

The Plough, Cattlegate Rd, Crews Hill EN2 9DJ  

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Enfield

A talk by John Polley

john polley on new river

John Polley was born and brought up in North London. He has a variety of interests, including local history, transport, and industrial archaeology. John is also a keen walker and has walked the New River many times in over 30 years. He organises and leads walking tours and introduces people to this relatively unknown waterway.

His interest in the New River stemmed from when he grew up in the family home, a very ordinary Edwardian North London suburban terraced house. John's father seemed to think that there used to be a lake where the house stood. In the course of time, John found out more about that 'lake' and much more besides!

On tap, clean & safe drinking water is something we take for granted nowadays, however, this wasn’t the case in London until relatively recent times.

John will explain how a little known 400 year old artificial man made waterway came to be and why it is not really a river at all. He will explain how and why it was planned & built and take us on a journey downstream from it’s source in rural Hertfordshire to the City Of London.

If you plan to attend, please inform John at .


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