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Thursday 9 January 8.00pm - 10.00pm

North London Humanists: Mapping Misconceptions: What humanism isn’t

Ruth Winston Community Centre, 190 Green Lanes, N13 5UE  

north london humanist group

There are many misconceptions about what the word 'humanism' means. Some of these are based on the word's long history and the fact its meaning has drifted over time. Some worry about the 'human' in 'humanism' and have called for a rebranding. Some are the product of seeing all beliefs on a linear scale: 'If it's not that, then it must be this.' There are also those today who define 'humanism' in a way that is alien to many humanists and stake a claim to their own definition. Opponents of humanism are able to employ these alternative definitions in order to damage the humanist movement.

Luke Donnellan, Director of Understanding Humanism, Humanists UK, will explore some of these misconceptions and alternative definitions. The better aware humanists are of them, the better prepared we can be for conversations about humanism and the better we can educate people about what humanism means to humanists.

Meeting of North London Humanists

Visitors welcome without charge. Come and join in the discussion.

Tea/coffee available from 7.30 (free)

The group meets on the second Thursday of the month (except August and December) for discussion meetings ... We welcome visitors at all our events with no obligation to join, so that anyone can come along to see if they like us!

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