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Thursday 13 August 7.30pm

North London Humanists (via Zoom): Getting to Grips with Genetic Modification

Online Event

north london humanist group

We are fortunate to have Mike Black, Emeritus Professor of Plant Physiology at Kings College, London, addressing us and taking your questions.

'For many years humankind has domesticated and bred plants and animals for food, clothing, shelter etc.. To do this, up to relatively recently, we have exploited the inheritance mechanisms of these organisms, but science has now made available novel approaches, sometimes called genetic modification (GM) or genetic engineering. The potential application of the technique has provoked a great deal of controversy which, at present, has calmed down but will recur in the UK when our departure from the EU gives us more opportunity to produce and grow GM crops. It is important that future discussions about GM are based on a sound understanding of the subject. This talk aims to explain the basic science of GM.'

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