Saturday 19 September until Sunday 27 September

Open House Festival

Throughout London

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The Open House festival is taking place this September between 19th - 27th more ambitious and varied than ever.

We know that for cities to flourish and to meet all our needs as citizens, we need to ensure an open forum for those living and working in the city to discuss and engage with architecture and urban design. And so, every year Open City throws wide the doors of thousands of buildings, hosts talks and tours, brings architecture into schools, because we believe in the importance of learning, better understanding and therefore being able to work together towards quality in our built environment.

Our programmes bring together the different people who make and shape our city, from students and educators, to civic groups and local authorities, to architects, designers, developers and the community. Our events, tours, talks and festivals aim to platform these different voices and empower them to create a more open city.

For the past three decades, Open City has put on the Open House festival celebrating London’s architecture and urban landscape. This years Open House features a rich mix of events, tours, carefully-managed building openings and film premieres reconnecting us with the city we’ve been locked out of for months.

Open House 2020 looks and feels a little bit different. In response to Covid-19, alongside the familiar format of opening buildings, we have new collections of programming which means you can experience Open House in a number of different ways. The programme includes documentary films, models of iconic London building, online events, audio and self-led walking tours, a new podcast, and our new book.

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