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Saturday 1 June 11.00am - 3.30pm

Zero Market N22

Heartlands High School, Station Road, N22 7ST  

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Our mission is to help reduce waste in our local area and beyond. The market is a zero waste zone where traders are only allowed to use new packaging that is 100% compostable, recyclable or reusable and we encourage them to take containers back to be reused, where possible. Visitors are highly encouraged to bring their own bags and containers to help us with our mission. 

Single use plastic is strictly forbidden but please note that we are NOT plastic free. We are zero waste and ‘reusing’ is at the centre of our philosophy. We completely agree that plastic is not an environmentally friendly material, but we think that there is already too much plastic in the world and we don’t think that throwing it out when it can still be used is the best course of action so, instead of wasting it, we reuse it, when suitable. Also, we might have ‘surplus stalls’ (stalls that rescue food or other items from local shops) and the items that they will have on offer may also come wrapped in plastic. Again, we focus on rescuing these items from going to waste and not the wrapping that they come in, if we cannot help it. We fully support a plastic free planet and we are in collaboration with other local projects to see this happening but until then, we will reuse what man has already placed in our planet to help reduce waste.

We are currently looking to collaborate with other local organisations with similar ethos to run educational talks, practical workshops and classes at the same time as the market. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch.

At the market, you will find delicious street foods, fresh produce and crafts from local traders. Click here to find out more about our traders.


Launch 1st June 2019

We have a wonderful group of stalls for you. Here's the list:

Street Foods & Beverages
V for Vegan - vegan kebabs
Gnocchiat84 - homemade gnocchi with melted cheese
Splendour and Sparkle - freshly prepared foods and homemade produce
Azafran - Latin-American street food
The Goodness Brew Co - locally brewed beerProduce
Biodima - organic fruit and veg + dry food refills
Spanish Gastro Larder - olives, nuts, olive oil
The Celtic Bakers - artisan organic bread and pastries
Luso Roots - Portuguese sweet and savoury pastries, honey, cheese
Tovi the Proud - handmade sweets
Sugar Tea Room - traditional cakes
Doubles Kitten - cooking sauces
Shores of Africa - gluten free, handmade coconut snacks
Zims Tribe - African cooking sauces

Zero Waste + Plastic Free
Justely - plastic free toiletries and natural household products
Every Origin - repurposed household wares
The Refill Hut - several household products for refill 
Biodima - dry food refills

Arts, Crafts & Skincare
Earth Remedies - botanical skincare handmade locally
Echo Leaf Print - scarves, cushions hand printed locally

Tidy Up Tottenham - local not for profit organisation dedicated to street waste

What you can bring*:

  • carrier and produce bags;
  • containers for household cleaning products and dry foods (see list below);
  • lunch box and cutlery (some traders will give you a discount for this);
  • reusable cup for beer.

* some traders will have alternatives for you if you don't bring enough bags or containers.

Household cleaning refills: 
Laundry liquid
Fabric softener
Washing up liquid
Hand wash
Toilet cleaner
White vinegar

Food Refills:

All organic:
Chia seeds
Pumpkin seeds
Bulgur wheat
Coconut sugar

Please remember, NO SMOKING on site but pets are welcome. Also, we don't have a coffee stall because we can't get power from the school but you can get your coffee from the cafe inside Alexandra Palace's station and then come enjoy it with us. We have amazing cake and pastries to go with it!

Entrance to the market is through the car park opposite Park Avenue by the small roundabout on Station Road. You can find a map on our website We have a small car park but highly encourage you to use public transport, cycle or walk. We are next to Alexandra Palace's train station and a 5m walk away from Wood Green tube station. Buses W3 and 184 are also right on our doorstep.

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