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TOPIC: Clllrs are a waste of taxpayers money!

Clllrs are a waste of taxpayers money!
05 Apr 2017 13:26 #2946

Kaye Castanheira Kaye Castanheira's Avatar Topic Author
Cllrs should have more enthusiasm when they are applying for this job which means dealing with the public, after all they do get paid very well!
On numerous of occasions I have emailed and posted letters of request to them and after a year I hear from one of my Cllrs quoting "sorry its having a advise affect on you", which I found so rude and so unnecessary, this is not what I expected from a Cllr who is supposed to be working with the public and the community.
It gets very despondent after a while when even your own Cllrs & Councils do not want to co-operate, it feels like are living in a society with a minority of people applying for job they do not really want only to pay there bills with the hard slog with it, there is no care and no passion to really get stuck into a privileged job to make good for all concerned.
I will say that Cllrs have had there day and they should not be working in public sectors if they are not willing to respond to the public when they need there support, it only makes sense, or they should find jobs that are more suitable for them without dealing with the public if it is too much of a trial! and let others who love dealing with the public and making changes for all, we need to see Cllrs have enthusiasm for this kind of job more interaction with there communities, something has to change because we are falling on deaf ears.
Cllrs are not workable! they get paid far too much! Get rid!
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Clllrs are a waste of taxpayers money!
05 Apr 2017 15:15 #2948

Kaye, you must of had a very bad experience with one of our local councillors.

Local problems keep Councillors in demand, when the public are not getting good results with their local authority or with other general local problems they will turn to their MP or Local Councillor.

However, there are times when I too debate on how much they really value the area they represent and live. I personally, know that we in Palmers Green have many public issues that need addressing and solving and yet our own Councillors are indeed reluctant to be the first to initiate the concerning problems publicly with us the residents, instead they seat in oblivious and wait for the residents to approach them in person first.

Certainly, Councillors maybe of good character and quiet a few residents would had experience their worth but I wish they would energise themselves and expressed real outwardly passion for the area they they live and represent.
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Clllrs are a waste of taxpayers money!
05 Apr 2017 16:35 #2950

Well there will be local elections under our democratic process operating next spring so if you don’t like them there’s the chance to vote them out. And there’s always the option to stand for councillor yourself and show how it should be done – assuming you were to be successfully elected of course.

Alternatively, consider doing what a lot of residents have undertaken in setting up and developing local items to make our area better such as the Palmers Green Festival, Broomfield Blues, Talkies Community Cinema, The Greenery Café, the PG Art Trail and many others - and just get on with it. I’m sure you’ll find local councillors very happy to support as much as they are able, and are actually needed. They’ve certainly been fundamental to the successful delivery of a lot of such local voluntary initiatives that many thousands have enjoyed these last few years.
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Clllrs are a waste of taxpayers money!
05 Apr 2017 19:12 #2953

Kaye Castanheira Kaye Castanheira's Avatar Topic Author

I think you misunderstood I did not say I wanted a job as a councillor, I already have a job working extremely hard for the NHS, I see to patients and the public daily face to face & I also speak to them on the phone, I do not avoid humans I am in my job to care & support all wholeheartedly, not like these councillors who do not respond to our messages and when they do they are found to be very sarcastic, the only time they resurface is when they need our vote,

Maybe you should apply as a councillor as you sound very good at being sarcastic too!
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Clllrs are a waste of taxpayers money!
05 Apr 2017 19:31 #2954


Most councillors have a day job too. They do get paid, but not a huge amount - I don't think anyone gives up their normal work to become a councillor. There's quite a time commitment, if you want to do the job properly - which may partially explain why your communications have not always been answered promptly (though a year to respond is unforgiveable).

Karl is well able to answer for himself, but I'd be astonished to find that he was being sarcastic.
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06 Apr 2017 14:08 #2958

I'm sure that the majority of councillors in both parties are conscientious, but they are not miracle workers. Their powers are limited, as is their time, and Enfield Council is desperately short of resources.

These days it is very easy to get in touch with councillors by email with a complaint and I suspect that most councillors are swamped with messages. Answering those messages is much more difficult and time-consuming than writing them in the first place. It is not as easy to investigate and fix these complaints as some people imagine - and what about cases where some constituents want one thing and others want the opposite?

If the emails to councillors that weren't answered were written in the same negative and offensive style, I can quite understand why the councillors in question decided to put them at the bottom of the queue or not to answer them.

I ask all contributors to the forum to think positively and ask themselves "What can I do for my community?"

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