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Topic: Spate of thefts from motor vehicles

Spate of thefts from motor vehicles
03 Oct 2016 22:26 #5226

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[Original article]

The following message was sent by Jennifer Arkwright, PCSO for Palmers Green Ward Safer Neighbourhoods Team.  Members of the Safer Neigbourhoods Team will be briefing and answering queries at the Palmers Green Ward Forum on Thursday 6th October.

In the early hours of Sunday 02nd October 2016, Palmers Green, Southgate green and surrounding areas of Enfield Borough have been targeted by two unknown males, riding a white scooter, they have been carrying out Theft from Motor vehicle and vehicle interference offences.

At this time the suspects remain outstanding.

Can I ask that all residents take precautions when their vehicle over night.

  • Close your windows and sun roof, lock all doors and activate any security devices when leaving the vehicle even for a few minutes. Check your doors manually as automatic locking devices can sometimes be affected by electronic interference.  
  • Take all valuables including sunglasses with you if you can. If you are unable to take them from the vehicle lock them in the boot or place them out of view.
  • Remove parking permits, radio face plates and portable satellite navigation systems including their cradle ensuring to wipe the window where the satellite navigation holder may have left a visible mark.
  • Fit a locking petrol cap if your vehicle doesn’t already have one. Fit anti tamper screws on your number plates and locking wheel nuts if not standard to your vehicle
  • Consider getting a steering lock or gearstick lock and pedal box to improve security of your unattended vehicle.
  • Park with care, particularly at night or if you are leaving the vehicle for some time. If possible always park in a busy, well lit area. Managed car park facilities may be a better choice a list of police approved safer car parks can be found at the British Parking Association website.
  • Try to avoid leaving car keys close to your front door or in a visible location. A thief can reach in using a hand or device and steal the keys to your vehicle. Fitting a plate to the rear of the letterbox opening can prevent this

If you saw anything or have any information regarding this Motor Vehicle Crime please call 101 or if you have any information on any crime, and you would prefer not to speak to police you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, or visit:  www.crimestoppers-uk.org  Crimestoppers is an independent charity.


Tel.: 02087212835
Address: Southgate Police Station, 25 Chase Side N14 5BW

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Spate of thefts from motor vehicles
12 Feb 2020 08:44 #5227

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Serious damage caused following an attempted overnight break in to a resident’s work van this week. A Whats App group means all street crime is now broadcast to all, and so while it might be that crime levels haven’t changed since pre- Whats App, certainly the perception on this street is of low / medium level crime being a significant and growing issue. Is that a general PGC view?

I was taken along to hear Rory Stewart in his mayoral campaign in Wood Green last week and crime is one of his three main themes (housing and transport being the other two). His proposed rise in the council tax would triple the number of community police, the core of his solution.

Ex local Tory stalwart Paul Mandel was also there, telling the hall he’s now a Rory Stewart campaigner. Maybe we could get quadruple coppers locally as a result? Mind you, with about eight attendees in the audience and one leaving early having discovered he was in the wrong place that might be a long shot.

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