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TOPIC: More information about the new Chase Farm Hospital

More information about the new Chase Farm Hospital
14 Mar 2018 18:32 #3715

PGC Webmaster PGC Webmaster's Avatar Topic Author
[Original article]

chase farm hospital under construction

David Flint attended the Chase Farm Hospital update at the Dugdale Centre on Tuesday and has kindly shared with us his summary of what was said.  We also have the PowerPoint slides used at the presentation.

The new hospital is within budget, it will open in August - as promised four years ago - and they've raised more money than expected from the sale of spare land.

What about services and quality?

  • The hospital will provide planned ("elective") treatments in eight operating theatres and an endoscopy Unit. There will be 50 beds - 42 in single rooms, all en suite and all with free Internet and a 42" TV. Better than the last hotel I used!
  • There will be no A&E unit. But the Urgent Care Unit will be open 14 hours per day and aims to treat and discharge 80% of patients within 2 hours.
  • There will be new digital systems providing patient access and, over time, integration with GP systems.
  • There are impressive goals for infection control and extended appointment hours.
  • Work to improve roads will continue after August
  • See also More information about the redevelopment

On the rest of the site Linden Homes is building 138 homes and there will probably be two schools - a primary and the WREN secondary - and more houses.

Slides used at the presentation

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More information about the new Chase Farm Hospital
15 Mar 2018 23:47 #3716

PGC Webmaster PGC Webmaster's Avatar Topic Author
Another snippet of information provided by David Flint: The clocktower at Chase Farm will be retained, but at least one wing of the adjacent building will be demolished to let a road through.

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More information about the new Chase Farm Hospital
21 Mar 2018 16:26 #3727

PGC Webmaster PGC Webmaster's Avatar Topic Author
More notes from the Chase Farm update meeting, provided by Jane Hessami

Chase Farm consultation meeting 13th March 2018 Q&A session notes.

Will a patient with MRSA be admitted into theatre for their procedure?
Patient will be screened and treated to be clear of active MRSA before being admitted for their surgery to prevent any further infection to surgical site. Patients won't be turned away but surgery will be delayed until the patient is well enough.

What about the sale of land?
All additional hospital land was sold for residential sale value including the land on which the two schools will be built.

Lincoln road clinic - why are locals being referred more often to the Lincoln road clinic, it's too far and difficult to reach from this side of Enfield?
Natalie will investigate this as no one is sure of the answer.

Will the old Hospital Patient Entertainment system be transferred to the new hospital?
No the reason being because we will be a fully digital hospital for ALL. In Patents and clinicians alike will have full FREE access to internet and access Internet entertainment channels. The will be 43 channels and the use of hospital radio. All hospital records will be held on tablets and in patients will be able to call the nurses through this as well. (shame there is not a national digital service as information held with the GP will not be seen on hospital records. It will be absolutely necessary for patients and their carers to ensure the clinicians in the hospital communicate all the backgrounds needs to the hospital).

What about the parking?
There is a planning application in for 730-750 which is an increase on the previous 550-600 spaces. The charges will remain the same.

The plan and layout of the hospital, will it be easy to navigate?
Yes much easier. Mostly the new building will be one main corridor with all other areas off the main corridor. There will be a link straight through to Highlands wing.

What about the new entrance and exit to the main Ridgeway road?
We have delivered what was requested by the Enfield Highways department. There will be a new road through the plan with new bus stops in place. The bus terminus will be in a new position in the residential area. (There were a lot of comments about potential additional difficulties with more traffic, no traffic lights etc etc and there is apparently another new road to be factored into the Chase Farm hospital site which hasn't yet been built)

Many local people do not yet know about the new hospital, what is to be done about raising awareness on this point?
There will soon be a local campaign to raise awareness in the local community as we open in Autumn and want everyone to be well informed. We are even thinking of holding the next meeting in the hospital building to show everyone around.

What will be the number of consultants?
As there is an expectation to open longer days so be operating until 8pm. So there will be an increase in surgical work so an increase in surgical clinicians, anaesthetists and junior doctor teams. Same ratio of doctors/consultants to patients but just much more of it happening!

What about emergency on call?
There will be a different balance to emergency work. Chase Farm has a robust treatment plan meeting every Tuesday where the unwell patient is discussed. There is an advanced medical practitioner on duty 24 hours a day. Then there are detailed pathways for moving the unwell patient to more appropriate care as and when necessary. Example: Post-operative in patient has cardiac arrest in the middle of the night, they would need to be moved as an emergency to Royal London or Royal Free to be treated as an emergency.

And the new Schools?
There is already outline planning for a new primary school and the other part of the site which was purchased by ESFA is still waiting on permission to build a secondary school or sell on for further residential units.

There was talk of a new GP surgery on the site?
It is still in the plan. There is an 800 sq. meter area set aside for this but we have no answer on this going ahead yet.

What arrangements are there in place to prevent a T5 (terminal five) meltdown on the day of opening?
We don't want this to happen at all so to avoid this we are not going to switch it all on in the same day. We intend to enter a period of 'purda' from now on. Example, move in, set up, gradually 2 months on switch on the IT systems, etc etc,. Taking it step by step for safety reasons.

The Clock Tower refurb?
The Clock Tower was sold to the ESFA. Their plan is to take away the left-hand side of the original tower and get planning permission to integrate the remaining part of the tower into the new secondary school.

What is this link to Royal London Hospital which is much further away from us and not been part of the link thus far?
It's all about networks and specialist work not able to be done at Chase Farm. We will send to the Royal Free or Royal London. It's not desirable but has to be done.

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More information about the new Chase Farm Hospital
05 Aug 2018 23:28 #4012

PGC Webmaster PGC Webmaster's Avatar Topic Author
The Royal Free website has information and videos showing the new facilities at Chase Farm - barn operating theatres, day unit, recovery area, outpatients area and urgent care centre. The rooms appear to be finished but are without furniture and equipment.

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