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TOPIC: "Intimate" destruction?

Steven Berkoff and Nicholas Parsons call for retention of the Intimate 26 Sep 2018 00:24 #4067

A report in the trade paper The Stage quotes Steven Berkoff as saying

To lose the Intimate, Palmers Green, where I have also played as a young man, would be more than just a shame


Nicholas Parsons :

It would be so sad to see the Intimate Theatre disappear as many artists learned their trade there, perfecting their craft, not only in acting but also how ‘to walk a stage’, as they say.

The full report is at

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"Intimate" destruction? 26 Sep 2018 22:48 #4074

On Palmers Green Jewel in the North Sue Beard has taken exactly the same source as me but has written it up much better than me - with a great headline: "Just a minute, says Nicholas Parsons".


As of 10.30pm on Wednesday, 2,269 people had signed Garry Humphreys' online petition, which is a huge number for a local issue in only one week.


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"Intimate" destruction? 27 Sep 2018 15:16 #4079

Park Theatre is fantastic. Have been to a couple of productions there.

But, key difference, it's a BESPOKE building. Designed to perfectly achieve it's purpose and provide key modern requirements such as DDA compliance/mobility access.

Intimate is none of the above. Would love to see Park Theatre type place in PG but Monica's will NEVER be it as it is not fit for purpose, no matter how misty eyed we all get.

Understand/sympathise with Sue's "developing away" comment, but this needs to be balanced with fitness for purpose and ongoing viability/sustainability.

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St Monica's Players issue their counter proposals for the future of the Intimate Theatre 01 Oct 2018 14:01 #4082

St Monica's church will be holding a meeting at 7.30 this evening (1st October) at the Intimate which is expected to include more information about the proposed new parish centre.

The theatrical group St Monica's Players (SMP) are among those most affected by the decision of St Monica's church to demolish the Intimate Theatre where they perform and also sell the buildling on Cannon Hill where they rehearse.

On their website SMP have set up a page which describes their interactions with the church and the background to the current plans.

SMP's assessment is that their staging of Snow White in January 2019 may well be the last theatrical production to take place at the Intimate since it appears that the church is determined to go ahead with demolition.

SMP have drawn up their own counter proposals:

  • As a group we are opposed to the sale of Cannon House and demolition of the Intimate Theatre.

  • We stand to lose both our rehearsal venues, the venue to perform our annual pantomime and our storage space for set and costumes.

  • We believe that by refurbishing and developing the current buildings and with good management the needs of the parish groups could be met and prioritised, avoiding demolition of such a valuable asset to the community.

  • There are people willing to volunteer to help with management of the building and with the refurbishment process. But it would take the will of the church to allow that to happen.

  • A petition has been set up to save the Intimate Theatre from demolition which can be found here: you.38degrees.o...mers-green

  • A facebook group has also been set up for people to share their memories of their time there:

  • With some good lighting and a bit of creativity we know how nice the venue can look.

The SMP website has photos of the Intimate transformed as a venue for a wedding reception.

The complete SMP page about the Intimate is at

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"Intimate" destruction? 01 Oct 2018 14:29 #4085

I read that the UK’s creative industries are worth more to the economy (£) than the combined total from oil, gas, life sciences, automotive and aeronautics. There’s a non-trivial risk that we take such income (and linked pleasure) for granted. Is it so hard to visualise a performing arts hub in such a dense, wealthy part of arguably the world leading city and undoubtedly the world’s leading theatrical city?

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St Monica's Players issue their counter proposals for the future of the Intimate Theatre 02 Oct 2018 14:46 #4086

Counter proposals are thin on detail to say they least, can barely even be called counter proposals! Haven't seen mention of how development & refurb could be funded (the classic) and this overly simple approach says nothing about how such would actually deliver a modern practical functional theatre that meets modern D&A standards and wouldn't need to be re-done in a few years anyway....

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Update on St Monica's plans for the Intimate Theatre site 03 Oct 2018 23:11 #4090

Following the second meeting of parishioners on 1st October, St Monica's Players have updated their page about the future of the Intimate, adding the following:

– On the 1st of October a second meeting was held by Colin Smart of Kyle Smart Associates, the architect appointed by St Monica’s, to show the original concept ideas to the parish. A short introduction was given by Father Mehall and by Paolo Camoletto (Diocesan Chief Operating Officer).
– The new parish centre contained a café bar/foyer, a large hall which could be split with a dividing acoustic screen, a new kitchen, a breakout area upstairs and some meeting rooms and offices on a second level above the main entrance. The plans also contained a 3 storey block of flats at the rear of the new development which would run along the current line of housing on Stonard Road.
– The initial ideas were given a mixed reception, some felt the building lacked its own identity or link to the church. Some felt the centre should be physically joined to the church so parishioners could move directly from the church into the new parish centre
– Questions were raised including some on the financial aspects of the project but as this was a concept meeting and those areas would be addressed later. A question was asked about parking for the flats, it was confirmed the flats will have no additional parking.
– On the 3rd of October the latest parish newsletters were published online. The 23rd September edition carried a statement that was similar to those already published online but now included mention of the construction flats.

(Source: )

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"Intimate" destruction? 04 Oct 2018 14:18 #4091

With what looks to be 6 associated flats, housing need will not be the driver of this proposal, although any resulting income may well be a key factor in the financial case. The new London Plan, currently with the Inspector, raises Enfield’s existing London Plan housing target from 798 to an annual 1876 over the 10 years from 2019/20. That’s a 135% increase, and so looks immense. However, Enfield’s current Local Plan already targets 2048 units pa. The new Local Plan (Core Strategy) is apparently close to publishing so we will see how this figure changes, but against that background its unlikely housing need is an arguable driver for this particular change.

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