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TOPIC: Re Funfairs and circus in Broomfield Park

Re Funfairs /circus the latest : ( 02 Jun 2018 23:12 #3900

J B J B's Avatar Topic Author Offline

So after looking at the Enfield Events website, listening to councillors .....
A childrens fair is planned to arrive yes in the East field by the playground from 6th August to beginning of 3rd Sept 18 = 28 days !!
I have read the parks strategy in detail by now, as the events at Broomfield park are historic there is no need for consultation and that has lead to Broomfield Park due to the increasing events being named as a park for major and large events
. So here it is folks I now will have a fair outside by back door for 28 days !! Pay now for the last ride - hope it will stick in the councillors heads as it does mine.
28 DAYS ... no thank you ! Not in a field beside residents - we deserve some peace and quiet too... Broomfield Ave residents are annoyed and will be opposing
8 main days + 2 extra event days = the bank holiday fairs that is what is in the strategy for larger parks
The circus can go back in the West field and the bank holiday fairs well and good in the East field but put them to the back of the field with extra bins, extra police and all that sustainability talk in the strategy of recycling get these businesses to adhere to it, with their plastic rubbish and turn the bloomin music down, put up your fees to cover it if it is a problem
I support the the PG festival and the events that bring our community together, I will volunteer and I am a member of the friends of Broomfield Park, the park is for the greater good is for the public not just a money making business for the fair owners and Enfield council.
SAY NO TO COGGERS FAIR ON FOR A MONTH August 18 !! Please complain to Enfield Council
Or shall I not use my garden for the whole of August - in the summer holidays - thanks Enfield council
The following user(s) said Thank You: Simon Kaye, Penny Austin

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Re Funfairs /circus the latest : ( 03 Jun 2018 09:45 #3901

J B, I couldn’t agree more. The last of the summer set to be ruined by the thick end of a month with the fair ruining things. I’ve already written to the Council, but I think a handful of engaged residents is - regrettably - not quite going to cut it. We need a more cohesive and detailed campaign. I know that you, Penny and I have written to the council but perhaps we could also get a petition together and get a face-to-face meeting with the council?

I would think that nigh on everyone whose home is within spitting distance of the park would sign. I’ve spoken this morning with another resident in Broomfield Avenue. Perhaps we four can get together one evening and talk strategy?

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