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TOPIC: Fix this dangerous junction!

Fix this dangerous junction! 03 Jan 2019 09:11 #4331

I suggest that anyone who has a serious concern about this junction writes as I have done to:

I don't think comments on the PGC site are going to change the situation unless somebody is thinking of putting some sort of petition together. One major issue is that councils and road authorities only act when a fatality has occurred which is very negative thinking.

I have just sent a detailed set of questions to Liz Rhodes in the hope that the council might respond.

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Fix this dangerous junction! 10 Jan 2019 09:43 #4338

Hi, just to follow up my last comment here is the reply I received from the council regarding the junction:

Dear Mr Littman,

Thank you for your email.

Provision is provided for pedestrians at this junction, which is broadly the same as the existing situation prior to the Cycle Enfield works. By informal crossing, we mean that there are dropped kerbs available for pedestrians along with centre islands to enable crossing in two stages.

When reviewing designs as part of the Cycle Enfield programme we have looked to introduce improvements for pedestrians where possible, evidenced by an almost doubling of zebra crossings along the route. At this particular junction, formal pedestrian crossings were considered. Unfortunately, this junction does respond to high traffic volumes. With current volumes of traffic, introducing additional green pedestrian phases is likely to mean that the junction would no longer operate effectively. This has the potential to create additional congestion and would almost certainly have a detrimental impact on the bus journey times along this route, as buses get caught up amongst the high volumes of private cars. The impact on bus journey times is understandably one of the key criteria that Transport for London consider when approving schemes.

We will keep this situation under review. The intention is for our wide package of measures to help reduce reliance on private cars and enable more short journeys to be walked or cycled (30% of car journeys in the Borough are less than 2km). As this change starts to occur, we hope that it will be feasible to improve further the provision for pedestrians on our key roads, helping to generate even further change.

Kind regards,

Liz Rhodes

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