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TOPIC: Quieter Neighbourhoods on hold

Quieter Neighbourhoods on hold
10 Nov 2015 20:23 #1778

Colin Younger Colin Younger's Avatar Topic Author
Given the silence about the Quieter Neighbourhoods consultation I wrote to Enfield Council asking for news. In case you missed an earlier posting as part of a longer thread of discussions I thought that I would try to re-post it as a stand alone item.

The latest news is that at least so far as the Fox Lane area goes the whole project has slipped back, if that's not an understatment. I understand that the Main Avenue QN area has received a similar but less specific reply.

The answer from Andy Ruffell, Traffic and Transportation is as follows:

We have compiled a provisional programme for restarting the Quieter Neighbourhood Design Workshops, which currently indicates that we would look to restart the workshops for the Fox Lane area in January 2017.

This programme is however, subject to change depending on the outcome and progress of the Green Lanes Cycle Enfield scheme.

I have asked whether 2017 should read 2016 and if I get a correction I will post it.

There were questions raised at QN workshops as to whether it made sense to instigate QNs before cycle enfield has been implemented. If (as now seems certain) cycle enfield was implemented, traffic patterns on the main through routes would change and the result was likely to be more pressure on residential side streets, so further changes to QN might well be needed. I think that the the counter argument was that we needed to get on with QN now to deal with existing problems, and that adjustments could be made later.

So this delay may be sensible, but offers little immediate comfort for those roads already under strain.

Colin Younger

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Quieter Neighbourhoods on hold
10 Nov 2015 23:36 #1781

I'm sure that the Connaught Gardens scheme is on hold too - so probably all of them.

I attended two workshops and we ended up with complete agreement about what to do. The engineers said they were planning to consult the entire neighbourhood in September with a view to doing the work in early 2016. Since then (July, I think) not a dicky bird.

At that time there didn't seem to be any question of having to wait until the cycle lanes were in place before doing the QN work.

I can only conclude that the QNs are on hold because of doubts about whether cycle lanes would go ahead (in view of the anti-CE campaign). If they don't go ahead, then Enfield won't get the money from TfL for the Quieter Neighbourhoods.

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