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TOPIC: Lakes Estate residents take to the street

Lakes Estate residents take to the street
25 Apr 2018 12:23 #3804

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 lakes estate street party

Residents of a street on the Lakes Estate occupied the road outside their houses at the weekend, protesting about the lack of rat-running cars whizzing past their houses.

One local, who preferred to remain anonymous, but we'll call "Musey", told me, "The situation is becoming intolerable, for more than a fortnight now we've been deprived of the stress and excitement of worrying about our kids being hit by a car, and the street doesn't smell like it usually does either.  I've had to go all the way down to the North Circ to fill my lungs with proper city air."

lakeside road continuous pavement 1

Fortunately, the residents will get some relief soon, as the work to create continuous pavements across the Aldermans Hill end of Lakeside Road and Old Park Road is nearing completion.  However, it will then be the turn of people living in other Lakes Estate road to suffer.  And Musey is also worried that the situation won't return to full normality, as the continuous pavement might act as a deterrent to cars to turn into his street.  "It's quite outrageous.  By building the pavement across the end of the road the Council is risking the scenario that drivers will be forced to wait while pedestrians exercise their right to priority while walking along Aldermans Hill.  It would be quite intolerable if car drivers had to start following the rules in the Highway Code - it's a point of pride that as soon as we pass our test we throw that stupid little book straight in the bin.  If things go on like this, they'll start enforcing speed limits next!"

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Lakes Estate residents take to the street
26 Apr 2018 10:05 #3805

Hang on, please tell me this is an Onion/Daily Mash ironic take on matters and those people were actually enjoying a street party thanks to the temporary closure.....??

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Lakes Estate residents take to the street
26 Apr 2018 18:28 #3806

Sorry to disappoint David but residents were actually waiting for the mystical appearance of ex Conservative MP David Burrowes who has developed an advanced skill of appearing into groups completely out of thin air before disappearing away again. A sort of cross between Dr Who and The Terminator. The webmaster may be able to provide some evidence.

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Lakes Estate residents take to the street
27 Apr 2018 09:33 #3807

You don’t see him and then you do;
or perhaps it occurred the other way around, see him then you don’t.

This scandalous PR seeking to attack the Quieter Neighbourhood programme was removed from the local press.

In honesty terms it’s right up there with Ertan Hurer’s analysis of the cycle lanes (see recent postings), the red bus weekly £350m the NHS, and no Windrush linked immigration targets. What have we come to?

And I have to declare an interest, for having read pretty much all of the thousands of pages of supporting analysis behind Mayor Johnsons Transport Strategy and something similar for its development under Mayor Khan, the path Enfield has started on with active travel is the only realistic future, as cities worldwide have also concluded.

I never believed the deliberate scare that hundreds of business would close as a consequence of the cycle lanes (nor the present line that small businesses have closed any more than I would claim the openings we have been seeing are as a consequent), the palpable nonsense that cycling produces worse air quality than motorised transport, that Quieter Neighbourhoods are nonsensical and the much more long touted.

Rather we have a relatively small change to a small part of the borough making it that little bit easier for some to travel safely in a way they choose, without stopping others in their chosen or necessary means. Always remembering the minority, including basically all schoolchildren, do not drive.

And making up photos for the press is where we end up after 4 years of this line. On the bright side I like the sunshine in the front row versus the rain to the far left. What a shower you might say.
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Lakes Estate residents take to the street
27 Apr 2018 10:01 #3808

Haha yes, I've been watching this fun unfold on Twitter. Absolutely scandalous. It's such an abvious photoshop!

Rumour is the majority of those folk aren't even genuine residents, it's a small group heavily padded out with Tory prospective councillors. And then some photoshop on top (umbrella guy looks fake too).

Cllr Andrerson has been calling them out on it and Jasmine Storry (Tory candidate for Southgate Ward) still has the article on her timeline and isn't responding to questions about it.

Can't decide what's worse, this, or Haringay Cons copy & pasting Labour tweets and forgetting to swap 'Labour values' for 'Tory values'.
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