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TOPIC: PG Community Twitter Feed

PG Community Twitter Feed
27 Jul 2017 12:08 #3132

David Eden David Eden's Avatar Topic Author
The stated purpose of this commuity forum is:

"to promote inclusive, locally rooted and accountable community organisations made up of people who care about the quality of life in Palmers Green and surrounding areas and have ideas about how it can be turned into an even better place in which to live, work, study and visit"

Can I ask, therefore, why the person who runs this forum's Twitter feed is allowed to use it as their own personal political mouthpiece, promoting issues and stories that represent his/her views, falsely representing such agenda as that of the PG Community as a whole?
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PG Community Twitter Feed
27 Jul 2017 12:37 #3133


Such topics as....?
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PG Community Twitter Feed
27 Jul 2017 14:56 #3134

David Eden David Eden's Avatar Topic Author
Such as why PR should replace FPTP in Northern Ireland....??!

Pretty much anything by the Green Party, irrespective of relevance (direct or indirect) to PG & surrounds.
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PG Community Twitter Feed
27 Jul 2017 18:56 #3135

I was interested to see David Eden's comments, as though I have a Twitter account and follow PG Community, I very rarely log in to Twitter to see what's going on. So I have taken a look at the PG Community twitter feed just now and noted the following. I don't know whether this is a representative run of tweets or not - I think they were all made today. Anyway, it gives more material for discussion.

Last 30 tweets/retweets from Palmers Green Community – starting with most recent on 27th July 2017
1. Retweet of Labour MP’s comment about underpaid nurses
2. Retweet of local Haven House Hospice job advert
3. Retweet of Wolves Lane Memories re London Grown Minimarket this Sunday
4. Retweet of National Health Executive (media site) story about ‘lack of beds forcing mentally ill children onto adult wards’
5. Retweet of Rod King MBE article about traffic calming
6. Retweet of Cycle Enfield message re Dr Bike session at PG Library
7. Retweet of Health Watch Enfield message re Enfield Carers Care Home Network meeting for the public on 17th August
8. Retweet of Enfield Council press release on tackling the housing shortage.
9. Retweet of North London Hospice message re fundraising event
10. Retweet of Stop Killing Londoners message about air pollution
11. Retweet of Rod King MBE article about the World Health Organisation view on 20mph limits
12. Retweet of Rod King MBE article about ‘20’s Plenty’
13. Retweet of Mayor of London message about taking part in a survey on plans for transport
14. Tweet of Ham & High story about East Finchley children protesting about cuts to Barnet library services
15. Retweet of Old Enfield Charity message about ‘beach’ in Enfield Town Market
16. Retweet of Asthma UK article about what to do if air pollution affects your asthma
17. Retweet of Friends of the Earth article criticising newly released government Air Quality Plan
18. Retweet British Lung Foundation criticising newly released government Air Quality Plan
19. Retweet of Greenpeace UK message about car companies giving up diesel and petrol.
20. Retweet of local person’s message about their aunt raising over £10K for the North London Hospice
21. Retweet of Greg Archer message supporting a ban on diesel
22. Retweet of Edmonton Green Magazine about The Originators (me neither)
23. Retweet of Chickenshed Theatre message about people doing the Ride London trip to raise funds for them
24. Retweet of Enfield Summer message about the upcoming Toddler, Baby and Bump show.
25. Retweet of Jason Rose message about ‘20’s Plenty’
26. Retweet of Wolves Lane Memories re Volunteer Gardening Fridays
27. Retweet of North London Newspapers message about closure of local newspaper titles
28. Retweet of Health Watch Enfield message re numbers of people attending local A&E and urgent care facilities
29. Retweet of SpeakUp4Libraries message re East Finchley children protesting about cuts to Barnet library services
30. Retweet of North London Newspapers story about police arresting moped gang thieves in Enfield.
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PG Community Twitter Feed
28 Jul 2017 17:49 #3136

David Eden David Eden's Avatar Topic Author
More recently we have a comment piece on NHS cuts, failings in response to Greenfell tower tragedy, something about anti-depressents, more on the NHS, then the Labour underpaid nurses complaint.

Essentially it is clear that the community forum Twitter feed is being used by a Green Party/Labour/anti-Tory activist using it to further there own views.

How about stick to local PG Community issues and views...??
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PG Community Twitter Feed
28 Jul 2017 23:57 #3137

I use the Twitter feed in the following ways:

  • To post links to articles and events on the website

  • To post links to articles or events advertised on other websites

  • To retweet tweets (mainly links to articles on websites) that I think my followers might find interesting.

The retweets are not always about local issues or events, but they all relate to issues which strongly affect the wellbeing of our local community:

  • The future of public services, in particular the NHS, education, public libraries, housing, policing

  • The health of the environment, including climate change, air quality, road danger.

David Eden is wrong to say that I am using the Twitter feed to promote the Labour Party and Green Party and to attack the Conservative Party. The retweets all focus on particular issues - they either provide information that might be useful to people or set out a worthwhile argument. It turns out that in many cases the current government is pursuing policies that are criticised in these articles, but that's their lookout, not mine.

I recently retweeted an article in the Daily Telegraph and I can assure him that the Green Party put out dozens of tweets every day and I only retweet them when they say something useful about one of the subjects listed above.

I fully appreciate that many readers will have sometimes radically different opinions about these particular issues and I accept that they are entitled to these views, but I consider that as I provide a free and hopefully useful community website at my own expense in terms of money and, in particular, time, I am entitled to a certain amount of leeway in what I write or tweet, providing that I do not lie or distort. I think that one of the good things about Twitter is that it can prompt people to read articles that they would otherwise be unaware of.

There is nothing stopping David setting up his own local community Twitter feed suitable for people who are so sensitive that they cannot bear to read any facts or opinions that conflict with their own prejudices, though I must warn him that discovering all the information takes up a certain amount of time.
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PG Community Twitter Feed
29 Jul 2017 09:15 #3141

While I don’t speak Twitter so will let the specifics wash over me I think it’s worth acknowledging the absolutely huge time and effort Basil puts into this website voluntarily which has had a significantly positive effect on PG’s people and events, something more important now that the Enfield Advertiser has hit the rocks.
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PG Community Twitter Feed
29 Jul 2017 16:17 #3142

I fear that there are two views on this, and critics will not be assuaged.

However, it might be worth remembering how PGC came about. It was set up by Philip Chard and I in the aftermath of the (Labour) Council’s handling of the sale of the old Southgate Town Hall. There was local opposition to the way that the consultation had been carried out and to the loss of a public asset which could have been used to provide a community centre, which this area still lacks.

On top of the running sore of Broomfield House and successive Labour and Conservative Councils’ failure to meet what was (and still is) the public desire for a reconstruction of the pre-fire public asset, there was a groundswell of discontent about perceived lack of regard for Palmers Green as seen from the far away Civic Centre. This was further fuelled by reported comments from unidentified councillors that Palmers Green’s toy town politics could be ignored because it could never get its act together. However, I suspect that this was as much from entrenched views among officers as anything else.

Public meetings were held to discuss what to do. Having examined the idea of setting up a formal group and examined draft constitutions it was decided that given the existing range of voluntary groups, adding one more would not be the best way ahead.

But this still left the problem of how the various groups and interests could address issues affecting the wider area in and around Palmers Green and present views to the Council or other authority, regardless of their political stance. The solution was to try to user the web as a communications centre, exchanging information, raising issues and if there was no current group able to address an issue, provide a framwork for new ones to be set up.

Philip raised sponsorship funding to get it off the ground, but what we couldn’t get was a web expert to set it up and run it. I can’t remember the full history, but I think that three or four people began work on the website, but none lasted until Basil came along. Given the fate of other websites, it’s clear to me that without his skill and well, devotion, PGC would not exist.

Obviously there are different views about this, but my belief is that the website still provides the service we envisaged, and the area would be poorer without it. I don’t always agree with Basil’s editorial line, but it would be odd if readers always did; what sort of vehicle would it be if there was no controversy!

Occasionally taking up wider issues is just another way of avoiding the toy town tag. Amazingly some of these do actually affect Palmers Green and are a background to local problems.

Of course, anyone who finds the site uncongenial and wants to, can sign off PGC and set up a website and run it according to their own views and values. There’s enough here to get readers reaching for the keyboard, but please, respond with respect.
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