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TOPIC: Thieves target garden paths

Thieves target garden paths
06 Jul 2014 23:36 #354

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stolen path tilesOver the past month thieves have stolen original Edwardian tiles from the front garden paths of four houses in Osborne Road in Palmers Green.  All the thefts occurred overnight.

Tina Babbs, Coordinator of the Osborne Road Residents Association, is asking anyone seeing or hearing anything which might help find the thieves or prevent further thefts to inform the police by phoning 101 and quoting reference CAD 5215 5/7.

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Thieves target garden paths
10 Jul 2014 14:14 #355

PGC Webmaster PGC Webmaster's Avatar Topic Author
Tina Babbs has since requested that a mobile CCTV camera be relocated to Osborne Road to deter further thefts of path tiles. However, the Police appear to have ruled this out. The following is the text of an email sent to Tina:

Both Jen and I have patrolled the street on almost every duty, and I even came across someone taking an interest in the tiles, but that turned out to be an authorised repairer.

We both will continue to patrol the area, however residents should also be aware that any valuable items left outside their homes, including these tiles or cars, need protecting. This can be in the form of CCTV or alarms. Further protection of these tiles can be achieved by ensuring they are secure and maintained. This prevents their removal. There are also products on the market that can seal the tiles in place, making them even harder to remove.

I have studied the photos of the paths that have had tiles taken, and it appears that there are weeds and areas where tiles were already dislodged. This makes it easier to remove, so good maintenance is vital. Please can you pass the message on to the residents to consider the above.

CCTV cameras on the street cost thousands of pounds to install, monitor and maintain. It is unlikely the council will fund this.

I hope this helps.



Daniel Morris
Police Officer
DWO Palmers Green, Enfield

PC 613YE West Cluster NPT
Southgate Police Station
25 Chase Side
N14 5BW

020 8345 3842

Tina also points out that people can install their own CCTV cameras or sensor-operated outside lights.

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