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Topic: Strange lady at the Broomfield Park cafe

Strange lady at the Broomfield Park cafe
27 Mar 2018 04:40 #3741

James Williams James Williams's Avatar Topic Author

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A very strange incident happened today at the Broomfield Park.

I was walking my dog at the park and was talking with another gentleman which I found there who was also walking his dog. We were walking across the grass from the big lake towards the tennis courts and as we approach the back of the cafe a strange woman run out of the cafe (who was supposed to be closed) making movements with her hands. She ask me if I speak Greek so I asked her what she wanted and she said tell that man to get the f... out of here. She appeared to not speak a word of English but I am not sure she was Greek either. I didn’t realise what was happening at first so I said is his dog bothering you? His dog was not on a leash mine was, but then I noticed his dog was nowhere near her. She kept shouting very rudely in Greek will you tell him to get the f... out of here and then she started telling me to go away very rudely too. I said to her why do you own the park? And I took the phone out of my pocket and I said to her I’m calling the police. Then she started shouting no no police no police. I turn around to leave and she was asking me my name. I ignored her and left, continue walking towards the tennis courts.

I don’t know If it was just a troubled lady, if anyone had seen this lady before or whether anything was happening inside the coffee shop and she was being the eyes so I thought I mention it. Very strange encounter doesn’t make me want to go back to the park to be honest. She was mid to late 50s I would say.

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