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TOPIC: Cycle Enfield: Work to start in Palmers Green imminently

Cycle Enfield: Work to start in Palmers Green imminently
01 Feb 2017 18:47 #2664

PGC Webmaster PGC Webmaster's Avatar Topic Author

According to a letter delivered to homes in the vicinity of the A105, Cycle Enfield construction work in Palmers Green was due to start "by late January 2017" between Lodge Drive and Osborne Road.  Work on this section would continue until June.


17th January 2017

Cycle Enfield construction on the A105

This letter is to inform you of work in your area to construct the A105 cycle lane.

Work on the upcoming sections of the cycle route (between Lodge Drive and Osborne Road and also between Radcliffe Road and Riverbank) are due to commence by late January 2017. Work will take place between January and June 2017 between 7am and 6pm. Work will take place primarily between Monday and Friday.

Construction of the first section of the route (between Green Dragon Lane and York Road) started in September 2016 and is scheduled to be completed by late January. Work on the Sainsbury's junction started in late November and is due to be completed by mid-February.

Construction of the third (between Station Road and Fords Grove roundabout) and fourth sections (between Bush Hill and Church Street junction) started in January and is expected to be completed by the end of April.

We will publish regular, further updates on construction (including details of future sections) in partnership with Enfield Council, via the Cycle Enfield website:  Alternatively you can receive the latest information from Cycle Enfield's newsletter. To subscribe go to  and complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Ringway Jacobs Ltd, who are carrying out this work on behalf of Enfield Council, will make every effort to keep disruption to a minimum.

We would ask you to take note of any additional parking restrictions that may be in place.

Should you require more information on any matters relating to construction, please email   or call 0207 536 3655.

We would like to thank you in advance for your patience and understanding while work is ongoing.

Yours faithfully,

Rilwan Oshingbade

Lodge Drive to Osborne Road - main changes

(based on the July 2016 consultation drawings)

cycle enfield lodge drive to osborne roadClick on the map to enlarge

lodge drive junctionApart from the addition of cycle lanes and changes to parking and loading bays, the most important changes to this section of Green Lanes are as follows:

Remodelling of the end of Lodge Drive

The drawings are not entirely clear, but appear to show a somewhat narrower "mouth" to Lodge Drive, making it less hazardous for pedestrians.  The entire junction will feature a "raised table".

Lodge Drive bus stops

The southbound Lodge Drive bus stop will have a bypass for cyclists.  The northbound stop will be merged with the northbound Fox Lane stop and moved to a location between the two current stops.  It will have a "bus stop boarder".

Pedestrian crossing

The crossing near Sainsbury's Local will be moved to the other side of Devonshire Road, near the Fox.

Devonshire Road and Hazelwood Lane

The mouths of both roads will have "junction entry treatment" to improve pedestrian safety.  There will be a contraflow cycle lane along Devonshire Road.

Fox Lane junction

The mini-roundabout will be replaced by a plain T-junction - vehicles leaving Fox Lane will have to give way.  The pedestrian crossing across Green Lanes will be removed, but there will be an uncontrolled crossing across Fox Lane located on a "raised table".

Park Avenue junction

This will have a raised table.  "Courtesy" pedestrian crossings across Green Lanes will be removed.

Windsor Road and Osborne Road junctions

These will have "junction entry treatment".

New zebra crossing

The courtesy crossing across Green Lanes just south of Osborne Road will be replaced by a zebra crossing.

Bourne Hill bus stops

The northbound stop will be moved to opposite Osborne Road.  The southbound stop will stay at its present location.  Both will feature "shared bus stop boarders" rather than cycle bypasses.

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Cycle Enfield: Work to start in Palmers Green imminently
02 Feb 2017 11:47 #2665

I still don't understand why the Fox Lane northbound bus stop is being moved southwards, since it is currently at the widest point of the road (best able to accommodate all the new requirements, one would have thought), which is much narrower further south!

Anyway, considering the mayhem at the Ridge Avenue/Church Street junction further north (which I pass through on the bus nearly every day), we have lots to look forward to. Even Thames Water failed to achieve this degree of comprehensive disruption!

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Cycle Enfield: Work to start in Palmers Green imminently
02 Feb 2017 20:12 #2668

Paul Mandel Paul Mandel's Avatar
There appears to have been something of a communication breakdown, within and between the various bodies implementing the wretched scheme.

The letter is dated 17th January. Today, the part of the Cycle Enfield website, containing the construction work calendar has been down, apparently for Updating.

But, on 18th January it stated "Phase 8: Lodge drive - Osborne - detail to be confirmed!"

The reason I know this is because on that date I referred to it, when writing a draft update for the FLDRA AGM which is next Wednesday.

I have been waiting for clarification from Cllr. Daniel Anderson since this morning.

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Cycle Enfield: Work to start in Palmers Green imminently
09 Feb 2017 11:08 #2695

Some of us who use the Fox bus stop argued against this. The answer was that the roudabout is dangerous for cyclists (probably from northbound traffic turning left in to Fox Lane across the cycle lane though this wasn't explicit), so there had to be a T-junction..

The result was that the bus stop had to be moved south to avoid it causing a back up of traffic from the new T-junction. I'm not convinced about this, but the claim was that traffic modelling showed this would happen.

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