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TOPIC: Six new trees for Palmers Green Triangle

Six new trees for Palmers Green Triangle
06 Dec 2017 17:09 #3413

I would suggest focusing on the plethora of new green / red men pedestrian lights and associated safe crossing countdown timers now surrounding the triangle traffic island – and then double checking for rogue vehicles before stepping out just to be on the safe side.
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Six new trees for Palmers Green Triangle
12 Dec 2017 15:12 #3422

Spot on, Karl.

I can add use as a ped now too and still cannot find fault. Easy to use.

Stop, look, listen. Then cross. That's been the advice for decades and it stands true here still. For those less bold/able, use the myriad of crossing assistance like Karl says.
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Six new trees for Palmers Green Triangle
04 Jan 2018 16:17 #3477

What would you say to those in wheelchairs and the blind to do, going towards the high step in the island made new near to Iceland Supermarket and other parts of the area, would you tell them to miraculously spread their wings and fly over it, a high step on a island is beyond thoughtless.

When residents say to each other what has happened to Palmers Green and other local areas that have been left to turned into a poor miserable state as those supposed to be managing our areas to beautify and to encourage and support shopowners who say they feel unsupported by Enfield Council to help make their shops into a more inviting and welcoming experience to boost trade and make Palmers Green a thriving town centre at least then people will shop more on our high streets and less online so will not end up a ghost town, people in local authorities are not understanding the concept when residents and shopowners get frustrated and all they want is to better their community and feel proud where they live and that is to improve the area, and that is to stop being so righteous because your able and to care more about those that are struggling.

Were all going to grow old one lets be kind to one another and that will hopefully bring a happier Britain...because as it stands at the moment everything is looking bleak....
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Six new trees for Palmers Green Triangle
04 Jan 2018 16:53 #3479

Crikey Joe, take a punt at some punctuation! Took me three goes to read that second paragraph!!

PG high street looks nicer and more welcoming than it did 2 years ago. What makes the high street bleak is nail salons, bookies, charity shops and the Alfred Herring. Not the recent street realm improvements.

As for the disasterous high step, I'll have a look tonight when I cycle past. I don't remember seeing one any more than I can remember there ever being a direct crossing to Iceland.
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Six new trees for Palmers Green Triangle
05 Jan 2018 10:05 #3480

Having visited last night, there is no high step as there is not a crossing, as standard in road design there is an elevated platform upon which the traffic signals are mounted. That is all.

More importantly, looking at google maps, there was never a direct crossing to Iceland. The kerb outside remains raised as it has always been and the barriers remain in situ.

Iceland is no less accessible now than it has ever been therefore the example forwarded, especially to tug on the heartstrings highlighting elderly and disabled, is entirely spurious and I expect soley created to discredit an otherwise good scheme by someone with a predisposed dislike to it.
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Six new trees for Palmers Green Triangle
05 Jan 2018 10:24 #3481

Colin Younger Colin Younger's Avatar Topic Author
As a matter of fact, there was always an informal crossing near to Iceland using the island as cover at a halfway point. Slightly risky but convenient, especially when catching a southbound bus when trains failed!
I have a vague feeling that the new lay out makes it more difficult but I can't recall why, though it's not to do with kerb height.
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Six new trees for Palmers Green Triangle
05 Jan 2018 11:18 #3482

I can't imagine the slow moving elderly and infirm making a made dash across a very busy road for the 'safety' or a quas-traffic island too often. And the barriers and kerbs remain both sides further evidencing the moot point.

Have made that bus stop dash following train failure a few times though - totally ignored any crossing availbility as normally to stressed about the delay at that point!

Comparing new and old, recognising the formal crossings applicable for the less nimble, there is no change to usability. The example given is an extremely minor one, and actually just an example of the pettiness EMH is up against.
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Six new trees for Palmers Green Triangle
05 Jan 2018 14:16 #3483

There was indeed a mid-road pedestrian island, albeit not wide enough to safely take a pushchair or wheelchair in what was a busy and complex tarffic situation.

Based around the pre and post triangle traffic islands we have moved from two pedestrian crossings, a zebra plus this pedestrian island, to three fully illuminated pedestrian crossings. Desire lines might have been compromised slightly but I would personally see it as currently inherently more pedestrian-safe.
The island was of course occasionally more of a death trap than pedestrian helpful ...
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