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TOPIC: Six new trees for Palmers Green Triangle

Six new trees for Palmers Green Triangle 14 Feb 2017 00:42 #2742

With regards to some of the raised comments, in Central London they have all the said issues and even more that we have here in PG such as gas, lamp post and so on and yet the main and famous pavements such as Oxford Street, are filled with trees in Street Containers. Trees placed in street containers do not mature in height and width as trees planted in the ground.

The London Mayor is understood to be focusing on transforming the whole of London into a healthier greener city, PG is part of London (hence our eligible vote for a London Mayor) therefore, maybe Enfield Council should consider asking the London Mayor for additional money for further trees in PG.

Pollution generated in Green Lanes and the North Circular does not stagnate in one places it travels with the wind it deteriorates human health, however because it happens to be invisible many people seem to make lightweight of it, which is a dangerous mistake.

If we want to lessen the burden on the NHS we must potentially focus on improving the quality of human health.

Trees are not just majestic looking, they serve their many positive purposes in our world and one being is that they are essential for our well-being.
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Six new trees for Palmers Green Triangle 02 Mar 2017 12:39 #2845

"pavements such as Oxford Street, are filled with trees in Street Containers"

Really? Are they??

That's where I work and I wouldn't consider the road remotely leafy green, it's a digusting polluting drab grey highway.
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Six new trees for Palmers Green Triangle 05 Mar 2017 23:49 #2851

Trees in street containers actually, do exist in Oxfords Street, even if they do not exist directly outside your place of work. These particular trees in Oxford Street are sparkling with Christmas lights during the Christmas season.

Without doubt, the mammoth volume of traffic is suffocating our entire city so much so, that even trees seem in essence elusive.

Hypothetically, irrespective of attractive buildings, all cities and towns void of any vehicles would look and feel bleak without trees and seasonal planting.
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Six new trees for Palmers Green Triangle 30 Nov 2017 17:40 #3379

If Palmers Green can only go back to how it used to look in the 1950's or 60's that would be great, it had more love & life with vast amounts of trees and flourishing plants everywhere, seating areas for all, shop building were pristine and shop fronts were so pretty looking inviting and welcoming, unfortunately over 20 years it has lost its lustre in the jewel, it has gone into the wrong hands and been sabotaged from pillar to post like a rag doll, even with the new cycle lanes it has made no difference in fact it has been made even worse, not well thought-out plans have been slap dashed lots of the original ideas and plans have not been followed through so many things missing as we were promised more trees in fact 11, flowers to beautify and uplift peoples spirits and boost the energy of the area, lighting for more safety, seats for all especially for our eldest or someone with aches & pains, walking sticks, pregnant ladies, there has been a lot that we have been told that would happen then as soon as the awful cycle lanes that have taken up our pedestrian walks have been completed then everyone has kept quiet and disappeared especially the business associates in the area who are suppose to be doing more do not care less, since the clock has been put in the triangle by Costas Georgiou it has never once shown the correct time what was the point of it then, little things like that speaks volumes that those involved in controlling or managing the area have become uninterested & very frugal with the money that they have been given by The Mayor of London, and were is all the rest of the money?? that has been left I am very sure there is some left because the area does indeed look very incomplete and still looks neglected.

Can we please have more pedestrian safety crossing signs put around, as when I am in the area there have been people especially our eldest who are too afraid to cross the new roads and stand around asking others where they should be crossing, it is all very confusing if you ask me and safety of the public should always come first as it can cause a lot of accidents, as we have seen posted in social media, there is one particular dangerous turning around the triangle when the 121 bus comes in to Palmers Green from Southgate the bus turns in and people do not realise that the vehicles are coming from behind them then you have to physically turn your head all the way around before trying to cross over to Iceland Supermarket, even I had a near mis-accident, more care and safety needs to be implemented rather then they leaving the public to get on with it uncompleted.
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Six new trees for Palmers Green Triangle 30 Nov 2017 17:54 #3380

I am so pleased and very overwhelmed to read that Chrystalla Georgiou like myself is very passionate about Palmers Green our once Jewel born & bred, I just wished others felt the same especially those that supposedly manage or make plans for the area, they should stick to what we have been promised and not for us having to keep asking what has been left out and is very much needed by the public, it is a lovely community and a lot more should be done.
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Six new trees for Palmers Green Triangle 30 Nov 2017 22:21 #3382

It was good to hear the affection that Joe Mark O' Conner holds for the Palmers Green area. "Good to meet you in print Joe."

But on the other hand I think he should await completion of the cycle lane project before giving up on what the Council and many residents have tried to achieve. It's next to certain that a little 'tweeking' will be needed. The other thing to bear in mind is that it's rarely easy to convert a long-existing public space to the demands of a different age. Let's wait a bit and then debate.

Pedestrian crossings have their place, but they cause vehicles to bunch which limits the smooth flow of traffic and - whilst internal combustion engines dominate our streets - do dreadful things to air quality. There's a big need to reduce traffic; that's why the Council is doing its best to encourage people to walk, cycle or use public transport for short journeys. Also much has to done to prevent people speeding; in my opinion even 20 mph is too much for a high street.
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Six new trees for Palmers Green Triangle 04 Dec 2017 11:02 #3408

How can you judge a scheme before it's even completed? People hate change and love to fuss. It's hardly scandalous that you have to "physically turned your head" when crossing the road. Deary me. It's just people are unaccustomed to the current arrangement, but that will change.

I've drive and cycled the new PG and loved it for both. Massive improvement. The only thing that puts my off cycling to the local businesses and spending money there is their too common pig-ignorant attitude towards EMH. I will never shop somewhere sporting a SOGL poster for that reason. If that means continuing up EMH to Sainbury's or Waitrose then so be it.
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Six new trees for Palmers Green Triangle 06 Dec 2017 14:20 #3412

Hi David,

You do realise that these are new planned roads that have no pedestrian safety signs so people do not know which directions vehicles are going and coming, we have a road opposite sharps bedroom that was a one way road going to southgate and now its made double, so you can sympathise to why the public find it fearful crossing these new roads. It's not about people finding it difficult to turn their heads, that is not the point, we have the frail & elderly people, the disabled trying to cross these ridiculous slapdash roads without any consideration of the less able.
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